Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mouths That Roared #5

1. 'Who Are the Brain Police?' The question is more
relevant today than it was in 1966.
2. If you don't own the original Mothermania LP, four
'Buy It Now' copies are currently for sale on eBay,
ranging in price from $25-$40.
3. Some say 'Call Any Vegetable' may be the theme song for
Couch Potatoes.
4. Whose mouth is pictured above?


Michael Hart said...

Shouldn't that be, "Who's Nose is this?"

Love your stuff!

Fearguth said...

Thanks, Michael! Next year, I'll do the noses.

i beati said...

These mouths that roared are scaring the crap out of me - hahaha

Fearguth said...

You can imagine how it scared folks back in 1969.