Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Adventures in Aestheticism #197
End Times for Tasty Bug Draweth Nigh
If Indiana Jones Had Worked for the
State Department
What?  No Confederate flag?
The Shirt All the Democratic Candidates Should
Wear to the Debates
"George Conway Calls for Trump to Be Committed After 
Wild Fox Business Interview: ‘Take Him to Walter Reed’"
What a waste of a precious bodily fluid!
Dana Loesch is now homeless.
In the time of William Barr, the people waxed nostalgic
about the happy days when Mutt and Jeff ran the 
Justice Department.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One of seven medical doctors in the House of 
Representatives, Texas GOPer Michael Burgess 
would be happier if fewer Americans had health
 insurance.  "if the numbers drop," he declares, 
"I would say that's a good thing, because we've 
restored personal liberty in this country."
Trumpism isn't an ideology.  
It's a communicable disease.
Michael Burgess Sez:  “You know what? There’s not a lock 
on the door. Any child is free to leave at anytime, but they 
don’t. You know why? Because they are well taken care of.”
Anyone who says a nation of 80 million people should be 
'obliterated' makes Hitler and Stalin look like
good time charlies.
When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
Duncan Hunter (R-CA), it appears, was blowing smoke up
everyone's ass, including his wife and five mistresses.
Warm Scuzzies #879
John Sanders
Home-Grown Schutzstaffel
Concentration Camps Along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Afflicted with Biblical Plague of Desert Trumptoads
The Impotentate of Pennsylvania Avenue
Have you ever seen the infomercial for this product 
on late-night cable television?
From the MonkeyTalk Mobile Ap Tutorial
If someone is his type, in other
words, Trump wouldn't hesitate to
 'Pass Go and Collect $200'.
Bwana always wore a pith helmet when she was on thafari.

Monday, June 24, 2019

"You know how to whistle Dixie, don't you? 
You just put your lips together and blow."
The Madness of Sarah Fabian
Anyone who would argue with a straight face that
migrant children in concentration camps don't need
soap, toothpaste, and beds in order to be 'safe and
sanitary' must be Sarah Fabian, a lawyer who works
in the DOJ Office of Immigration Litigation.
World's Worst Yobs #412
Andrew Stein
Lawdy, Lawdy! Ravelry, a fiber arts website with 
8 million followers, has banned expressions of 
support for Donald Trump or the Trump 
Administration. Where will Maudie McConnell 
now go for tips on knitting, crocheting, 
spinning, and weaving?
“They want to put a big roll of masking tape 
over my mouth!” exclaims Kellyanne Conway.
Nope, tape over her mouth wouldn't cover nearly 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but
Godliness is next to impossible.
Parental Advisory #7
Explicit Warwanking
Gaseous Asseous
Trump and Kim Exchange Excellent Letters in Which
 They Praise Each Other for Being Created in the 
Image of God
Bigger Than the Obliteration of Hiroshima!  
More Powerful Than the Obliteration of Nagasaki!
Whiteworld #80
Enlist Now!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

"I can see, J. Fred Trumpnik, that you're ready for me 
to start my recitation of the Mueller Report."
It sucks being second.
What Is Jack-in-the-Box Threatening Today?
If he would like about never meeting E. Jean Carroll, 
why wouldn't Trump lie about sexually assaulting her?
No, this not the Natural Entrance to Carlsbad Caverns.
It is the mouth of Donald Trump, Jr.'s main squeeze,
Kimberly Guilfoyle.
National Security Advisor John
Bolton's Advisor
Big Bigots, Little Bigots #154
Kim Crockett
Wingnutty Buddies
Trump's Big Boy™

Friday, June 21, 2019

Trump Administration Names Mr. Filth as 
Superintendent of Children's
Concentration Camps
Attendees say the medal started trickling down by
the time the ceremony ended.
The Planet of the Apes [Alternate Ending]
One Small Step for a Man,
One Giant Leap into the Abyss
Just as in the Mafia, the supreme law of the Trump 
Administration is Omerta, the code of silence.