Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Well, I was telling the other president, you know, Trump ..."
"He's, he's not a president."
"Oh. He said he was a president."
"Well ... yes ... um, he's not a proper president. 
He's not er ... fully qualified ... in, um, quite the sort 
of way that we should want."
Tyler Tannahill Sez: “As an avid sportsman, I’m 
excited to announce our first AR-15 Giveaway! 
You can earn multiple entries and no purchase 
is necessary to win!”
Do you know what?  Orrin Hatch is happy.
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #718
Jill Stein
Trump Attacks Everyone But Russia
As Trump went for the gold, the King said, "Lower,
infidel, bow lower!"
Totally Apolitical Old Fat Man Attacks Parkland Students 
for Totally Political Marching and NRA Bashing
Geraldo Listens for Two Hours as Trump Extols the
Virtues of Meatloaf
Trump's Nightmare, or
Eine Kleine Nachtmueller
"Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals 
sent out by the wasps in my brain. This is not acceptable."

Saturday, February 17, 2018

"Did you hear that scientists are now growing sheep
 embryos containing Trumpnik cells?"
Warm Scuzzies #773
Carlo Gimenez
Melania Trump Wanders the Halls of the 
White House Adulterer
"Russia started their fake anti-US hoax in 2014, 
long before I announced that I would run for
Comfort for Where Trumpniks Want It
Warm Scuzzies #772
Stephen R. Brown
Beneath Jim Hoft's yellow necktie there beats
the heart of a Russian propagandist.
Mueller Indicts 13 Witches; Hunt for the 
Boss Witch Continues
Filthy Lucre

Friday, February 16, 2018

Keeping America's Whites Whiter Than White
As an emetic, Laura Ingraham is 50% more effective
than syrup of ipecac.
Putin's Pup, Answers to 'Unwitting'
The Devil Made Us Do It
"There was no premeditated, deliberate, intentional, 
voluntary, and conscious collusion with the Russians."
The NRA Tree must be refreshed from time
 to time with the blood of our children.
Donald Trump, Whoremonger-in-Chief
These eight Congresspersons have received a total
of $37,064,932 in campaign contributions from
 the NRA. That ought to pay for quite a few 
'thoughts and prayers', shouldn't it?
Two years after he married Melania, when their son, 
Barron, was a few months old, the Man of God had an 
affair with Karen McDougal, a Playboy Playmate.
Romney Is In, But His Spine Is Out,
So Don't Expect Him to Attack Trump
Warm Scuzzies #771
David Shulkin
Trump Stands His Ground

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Take the NRA Money and Run, Little Marco!
Just another Lone White Nationalist Wolf.
The NRA Sends Parkland, Florida Their Love
Warm Scuzzies #770
Kit Daniels
Donald Trump Is Bullish on Condolences
"We're on a mission from Canis Absconditus."
"If you don't want all of us crazy people shooting
up the place, maybe you should make it a bit more
difficult for us to get our hands on high-powered
With the likes of Scott Pruitt around, there needs to be a
Taxpayers Protection Agency.
For No Particular Reason
"Evil is sadly always present." Yes you are, Ted.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes into Hiding
Quite honestly, this movie is not all
that scary.
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #717
Michael Shaw

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump Administration Claims Response Time for
Delivering Thoughts and Prayers Has Been Cut
in Half
Trump: "I am totally opposed to domestic violence."
Reporter: "What do you mean by 'domestic violence'?"
Trump: "That's when the media don't applaud when 
I call them the 'Enemy of the American People'."
'Family That Buried Wrong Man Now Says There's 
a Third Body'
Leaping Elk Deployed to Afghanistan to Bring Down 
Unsuspecting Taliban Helicopters
Mitt Romney to Announce Another Candlelight Dinner
 with Donald Trump on Social Media
Mick Mulvaney Defends His Mark of Cain Tattoo, 
Spending $30 Million on Trump's Military Parade