Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Draw Pamela Geller #17
The Nag

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Lord's Prayer (as Amended)  
"Give us this day our daily bread 
and plenty of ammo."
Truth in Advertising #8
Trans Fat 0g
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #111
Jonathan Stickland, Street Fighter: 
The Man with the Rubber Fists
"Hold on just a minute!  If you want me to hear you,
address me as 'Your Royal Bluntness'."
"Bill, we're so happy you decided to carry your baby
to term."
The Gay Caballero (1940)

The Gay Caballeros (2015)
Ark Encounter Moved from Kentucky to Texas
Rick Perry Sez:  “You need someone in the White 
House who understands the difference between 
steers and heifers.”
[Rick made a D in Veterinary Anatomy
at Texas A&M.]

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pastor Patrick Hurd and His Herd Ready
for the Antichrist
He wasn't bulldogging the sheep; he was more or less
poodling it.
What Senator Cruz Is Pointing Out Today #21
A Narcotizing Dysfunction
Sarah Palin Channels Sarah Palin Doing Her
Winking Emoji Impression
Draw Pamela Geller #16
The She-Devil
Think of Wisconsin as a wind farm where the prevailing 
wind is blowing out of David Koch's ass.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Draw Pamela Geller #15
The She-Wolf
"Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and 
even disgusting things.  Take, for instance, this photo
of Josh Duggar and me.  I definitely regret the mistake
I made by agreeing to have my picture made with a
disgusting child molester."

Friday, May 22, 2015

Warm Scuzzies #562
Jeff Sandefer
A Man's Home Is His Castle
The wait is over.  Louie Gohmert has endorsed

Ted Cruz for President.
New evidence has surfaced which confirms what has
long been suspected, viz., that GOP stands for
'Grand Old Pervs'.
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #110
Ted Cruz and the Man Who Wasn't There
This Week on Celebrity Name Game!
"Tired of being a big fat slob? Tired of friends saying, 
'Hey, you look just like Roger Ailes!'?  If so, you need 
to follow Dr. Oz's 3-Step Plan to triple your fat loss!"
Josh Duggar to Star in New TLC Reality Show,
'One Child Molester and Counting'
Draw Pamela Geller #14
The Battle-Axe

Thursday, May 21, 2015

After reading the secret Trans Pacific Partnership
 document, here's the first thing a Senator sees 
upon exiting the secured vault.
Matthew Makela Sez:  "Here I stand. I can do no other."
[Gives new meaning to old gospel song,
'Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus'.]
Bobby Jindal Tries to Exorcise Entire Executive
Branch of Louisiana State Government
Warm Scuzzies #561
Corey Knowlton
Louie Gohmert Sez:  "If he had known Obama the 
Incompetent would succeed him as President, Dubya 
would not have invaded Iraq."
Plains All American Pipeline
Updates Logo
Draw Pamela Geller #13
The Calumniator
"C'mon, America, pull my finger!"
According to the latest Landmark Communications/
Rosetta Stone poll, only 4% of Georgia Republican
Primary Voters favor Rand Paul.  Why are Deep
Southerners so prejudiced against Aqua Buddhists?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Big Bigots, Little Bigots #61
Jack Moore
"When we say 'intelligence failure', Mr. Cheney, we're not 
talking about the CIA. We're talking about your intelligence, 
and lack thereof."
So those banksters who colluded to fix currency trading 
were hiding in plain sight, calling themselves 'The Cartel'. 
How clever!
Five Banks Plead Guilty to Criminal
Charges of Being Banks, Pay More
Than $5 Billion in Penalties
Warm Scuzzies #560
Harold Hamm