Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin: a Shooting Star Crashing to Earth, or
the Dedicated Mother of a Wasilla Stormtrooper?


Reaganite Republican said...

You must be high- this blog is rubbish. lol

Palin’s move just puts all the more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to. This week Helen Thomas, Colin Powell, and Warren Buffet all turned on him. Polls are looking droopy for The One lately.

Obama’s porkulus program is a train wreck, all it’s done is bump interest rates and tank the dollar. We are being laughed at by bad guys like Tehran, Pyongyang, and Al Qaida who amazingly turned-down Barack’s timid friend-requests.

Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in droves- while begging for lower taxes, free enterpise, a defense posture with some backbone… an end to the radical, anti-American nightmare we’ve got now.

Go get ‘em Sarah-

Fearguth said...

Thanks for stopping by, RR.

Anonymous said...

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