Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fearguth wouldn't walk a mile for a Camel,
but he would drive over 3,000 miles for the
near Masontown, West Virginia,

and Camp Bisco (July 15-17) near Mariaville,
New York. So, between July 6 and July 21,
posting on this blog will be spotty or
altogether absent, depending on
where he is along the journey.


One Fly said...

There ya go again-I envy you my friend. Have a safe and extremely excellent good time!

Fearguth said...

Many thanks, One Fly! I made it to Jackson, TN, today--about 540 miles from home.

Betsy said...

We will miss you. Remember though you have left Texas you are still in Republican country (tell me you can't hear banjos...)

Fearguth said...


I made it all the way through Kentucky without becoming a Paultard! I'm in Morgantown, WV, this evening.