Monday, March 19, 2012

Robert Bales was drunk, under financial stress, had been 
passed over for a promotion, had a traumatic brain injury,
 had marital problems, was suffering from the stresses of 
four tours of duty, and had seen his buddy’s leg blown 
off. Clearly, when he killed those 16 Afghans, it was a 
case of justifiable homicide.


montag said...

He was walking in his sleep. Shooting, too.

Fearguth said...

And has amnesia, so he doesn't remember it.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

You didn't mention that Robert Bales had part of his foot removed because of his wounds in Iraq. Remember? That was the unnecessary, unprovoked and illegal invasion and occupation which caused gazillions of dollars and 10's of thousand of American KIA & WIA? And this guy, along with 100,000 buddies is still stuck in Afghanistan long after Osama Bin Laden is splashed in the Indian Sea? What's that about? What's it going to take to get him and his buddies home? Should he shoot a couple dozens of suits and uniforms from among Pentagon and capital Hill what sent him to make fools' gold out of a moonscape? Would you like that better? Would that suit You? Justified homicide, you say? What's justified about all of the homicides headed our way between now and the mythical 2014? You know what? You know as well as I do that most of our fellow Americans are in D E N I A L about what it's going to be like having all of our trained, strained and drained homicidal killers back home and walking & working among us. That's why BHO wants to push back a withdrawal until 2014. He wants to postpone the day of reckoning. Nothing will be accomplished between now and 2014 or now and 2024 in that fucking moonscape. Mark my words down in granite.

Fearguth said...

Doc, the way the Bales story is trending, I won't be surprised to see him put on the fast track to sainthood.