Monday, June 24, 2013

When any truth claim is made on one side of a 
political issue, the other side typically dismisses 
it as being politically motivated. This response 
raises the question, "What does 'politically 
motivated' mean?"  On one level, the intended 
meaning--i. e., the meaning in the minds of 
the political partisans who use it reflexively--
"politically motivated" means (1) the truth 
claim is "not true" (2) and those who make this 
truth claim are intentional deceivers.  On another 
level, the unintended meaning, "politically 
motivated" means that truth doesn't exist in 
the world of politics, only political motivations.
So, what is "political motivation?" It is will 
to power, a letch for competitive advantage, 
a desire for social and economic 
supremacy, a lust to dominate.

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