Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fifty years ago, Rush Limbaugh wouldn't have been called
a racist because virtually all white people in America back
then were racists and didn't even know it. He's called a racist
today because America has changed dramatically and Rush
hasn't. He's still living in the days of Leave It to Beaver.
But even this throwback to the 1950s has to mind his p's
and q's today, not daring to utter his white supremacist
ideology in plain English, using instead dog whistles,
euphemisms, code words, and other indirections to
avoid saying what he wants to say so badly it may make
him bust someday, namely, the dreaded N-word.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

He is such a mean nasty person, would even have been considered mean and nasty in the 50s, I can't believe there are people that actually listen to him.

Fearguth said...

Iowa Gardening Woman,

My older son's wife is from northern Iowa, but she relocated to far southwest Texas when they got married twenty years ago.

Whether it's true or not, Rush Limbaugh claims 20 million Americans listen to him each week. Regardless of how many actuallydo, they have made him a multimillionaire.

Romulus said...

Iowa Gardening Woman;
When was the last time you listened to Rush Limbaugh? You call him "mean and nasty", and yet give no examples for why you hold these opinions. Do you say so because Liberal commentators on TV tell you so, or is it because you've listened to him yourself and came to your own conclusions? Bill Maher cusses, swears, tells dirty jokes, and ridicules God. Rush, generally speaking, does not. Limbaugh hands out free software to callers who are in financial difficulties and have need of them; Bill Maher does not. You cannot jump to conclusions about anyone until you have heard what he has to say. In Ancient Greece they said Socrates was a "Godless Heretic, corrupting the minds of the young". Do not go by hearsay alone, and by no means rely on the shallow proclomations of the drive-by media.

Fearguth said...

Romulus: I first listened to Rush on the radio over 20 years ago. I'm quite familiar with his opinions.