Saturday, October 23, 2010

"If you're elected to the Senate, Ms. Angle, will you 'woman up'
by burning your Social Security card, by refusing to accept
$174,000 a year in taxpayer-funded salary, by rejecting
government health benefits, and by declining to be enrolled
in the Federal Employees' Retirement System?"


Betsy said...

A truly superior question---I wish somebody would ask it and keep asking it every chance they could make until the election. Would make a great commercial just as it is!

Fearguth said...

I'm afraid, Betsy, the elections of 2010 are going to leave us permanently slack-jawed.

One Fly said...

That would be fighting back Betsy. Something very obvious dims should do and obviously they don't.

Fearguth said...

It could be argued, One Fly, that Democrats are dim, but some are dimmer than others.