Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Representative John Fleming (R-LA) needs your help.  Even
with his medical practice, his congressional salary of $174,000,
 and the $6.3 million his Subway and UPS franchises pulled
in last year, he's barely scraping by.  So, if you would, please
pay a bit more in taxes so that this Great Physician won't
have to.


Betsy said...

What IS it with these reps. Don't they think their constituents will ever get to hear what they said. This is at least three of them now, whining because they are not as rich as they "should" be. If any of them are reelected my faith such as it is, in humanity will be completely destroyed.

Fearguth said...

I don't want to see your faith annihilated, Betsy, but you must not forget that the folks he represents are rather white and right-wing. Not that long ago, the very same John Fleming would have been a Democrat.

montag said...

If his gross less his net is divided by the 500 employees that works out to somewhere over $11K. If one of his businesses is a Med practice then he is underpaying his staff or he has a ton of part timers. But he can identify with them because the folks in the House only work half weeks, just like regular people.

T_P_K said...

The only white right-winger he's representing is hissself. You just know his friends call him "Phlegm."

Fearguth said...

John Phlegming? Yes, the name does make you want to cough and spit.