Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pantomime Horse

Pantomime Human


Cletis said...

Perfect! Here are a couple of tweets I recently put up.

Cletis's Dictionary: The Donald~ A narcissistic oaf indigenous to Manhattan characterized by orange fur and bulbous lips.

2. Cletis's Dictionary: Trump~ n. 1. A hank of hair. 2. A jaw bone. v. To flap one's lips uncontrollably without forethought.

Fearguth said...

As a retired librarian and freshman English teacher, I love dictionaries. 'Characterized by orange fur and bulbous lips': sounds like an orangutan to me!

One Fly said...

I tink I see not one but two horsey asses.

Fearguth said...

Three, Fly, if you count The Donald.