Friday, December 16, 2011

Raymond Davis, Ex-CIA Contractor and Firearms Instructor,
Charged with Felony; Will the CIA Ransom Him Again?


montag said...

Isn't this the part where the agency disavows all knowledge of him and his team. He wasn't "on the clock" this time.

Fearguth said...

I've seen so many movies where the protagonist has supposedly retired from the agency (but really isn't/hasn't/wasn't) that I can never be sure what 'on the clock' means anymore. :0

Tactical Conflict Management Solutions said...

Guns please we allegedly killed Jorg Haider with a military grade laser pointers, telescopic sight, night vision to the retina, allegedly. Careful not to burn the retina.

That is what happens when people threaten and try to assassinate Obama.

Tactical Conflict Management Solutions said...

24 years.

Assad 27 years.

This is not the movies this is real life.