Sunday, August 19, 2012

Invasion of the Todd Akinites


Teresa Evangeline said...

Is the name of their group "Potato Chips and Piety," by any chance?

I'm apparently needing to let off a little steam today.

I think I need to be a robot to read this WV thingy. It's getting weirder and harder to read. Or I am.

Fearguth said...

Or, perhaps, 'Loaded Baked Potato'.

Letting off steam? All cetaceans--especially those who dive deep--have to do that regularly.

I have turned the whole WV thingy into a game. It's more fun that way.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I never thought of that. A sort of Boggle for blogging. I'm going to see this with fresh eyes. Thank You!

Fearguth said...

Speaking of cetaceans, I'm getting close to the end of my third reading of Moby Dick. Then it's on to Pierre; or the Ambiguities and the second volume of Hershel Walker's massive biography of Herman Melville. I'm really quite excited about this, if you can believe it.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Glad to hear you picked up some light summer reading.