Sunday, August 21, 2011

When he was first elected as a Republican to
 the U. S. House of Representatives in 2004,
Michael McCaul's net worth was $12 million. 
Seven years later, in 2011, his net worth is
now $294 million, which makes him the
wealthiest member of Congress.  And
how, it's fair to ask, did he increase his
net worth by 2,350% in just seven years? 
He did it the old-fashioned way---by
accepting large monetary transfers
from his wife's family.


montag said...

He should have done it the way every other member does it. Members of Congress are exempt from insider trading laws.

Fearguth said...

Representative McCaul was much smarter than that. He married the daughter of the Chairman of Clear Channel Communications and the sister of the CEO of Clear Channel Communications. In other words, Quod Erat Demonstrandum.