Friday, August 26, 2011

If you want to know how government entitlement programs
 have weakened America's moral fiber, you need look no
 further than Marco Rubio. His father, Mario, was a re-
tired bartender, who lived off Social Security and Medicare
until his death in 2010.  His mother, Oria, is a retired hotel
housekeeper, living off Social Security and Medicare.
Marco himself received all his education at taxpayer expense
 from public institutions: South Miami Senior High School,
Santa Fe College, University of Florida, and University of
Miami. And, since 2000, Marco has been living off govern-
ment largesse, first as a representative in the Florida legis-
lature, and now as a U. S. Senator. No wonder, then, that
 Marco Rubio is such an intellectual lazybones and moral sloth.


Oldfool said...

Perhaps he is an example of 'when you claw you way to the top of the heap you can piss on those below with impunity'.

Fearguth said...

Why good fortune turns some people into heartless, ungrateful bastards is one of life's many mysteries.

Cletis said...

"Near the end of the day even small men cast long shadows." Chinese Parable

Fearguth said...