Thursday, November 03, 2011

"If I had been the Deity on the point of creating the world,
and had foreseen that Ann Coulter would be in it, I would
have left the world uncreated."


montag said...

As they say on Fark, I'd hit her like the Fist of an Angry God. In her case with a real fist from a real Angry God

Fearguth said...

How about a fisting from a really angry god?

Cletis said...

Are those feet or cloven hooves? I thought Madonna was a skank.

Fearguth said...

Nobody exemplifies the concept of 'skank' as well as Ann.

Laci The Dog said...

The words to the Fabulous Poodles "Anna Rexia" come to mind when I see this picture:

My sweet little Anna Rexia
Skinny Little teenage queen
won't eat anything put in front of her
she wants to look like an ad-man's dream
always going off on her her own
the little girl's wasted down to skin an' bones
my sweet little Anna Rexia
surely gonna waste away

That little girl's got an easy manner
Like makin' love to a bag fulla spanners

every day's she's gettin' thinner and thinner
won't touch a bite of her dinner
she used to be my one-and-only
now's she's even skinnier than a boney maroney

Fearguth said...