Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"If the GOP wants to ensure that President
Obama isn't reelected, all it has to do is not
 make any deals with Democrats and default
on August 2. My companies have defaulted
four times---in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009---
and look what it's done for me!"


Old Jules said...

Nice hairdo. Where do you find these guys?

Cletis said...

Note: I borrowed your picture of Bachmann from a post at my place but forgot to attribute the photo to you. I should have asked permission before I posted it and I will be sure to do that in the future. My sincerest apologies to you.

Trump's words are essentially treasonous.

Fearguth said...

Please borrow freely. I do.

Fearguth said...

Treason is a meaningless concept to stateless people, like Trump. Corporate execs see themselves as cosmopolitans, citizens of the world. Loyalty to a country or nation is an outmoded concept.

Anonymous said...

Fearguth: Too many of the good words have been roped and branded, made into pack animals for heavily loaded baggage. Traitor's one of them. The guy in the pic is, I assume, someone involved in a multi-national corporation, which ought to lay him vulnerable to some label or other, but he's probably exempt. Even though he's part of the reason all those unemployed US workers he probably scorns are in the shape they find themselves in. In some contexts it's difficult to understand how such people could escape the original meaning of the word, "traitor".

But an old friend of mine of 40 years or more and I allowed ourselves to drift into forbidden territory of politics recently, which we're usually careful to avoid. He was singing praises for the last prez and damning this one.

Partly in an attempt to end the discussion without increases in volume I told him I didn't think the quadrupling of the deficit he was blaming on the guy now in office he was trumpeting could be examined outside the context of how chickens from the guy before this one coming home to roost.

Told him that deficit would be a lot smaller if this guy'd just put an end to that foolishness in Afghanistan and Iraq, started by someone else. Ended that black hole called the War on Drugs. Curtailed foreign imports with protective trade barriers to force new manufacturing and production of essentials at home instead of importing them to put our workers back towork.

"You are a traitor," he explained.

Eyes of the beholder, as always

Fearguth said...

When my brother and I socialize, religion and politics are off limits. We therefore get along beautifully together.

If profit is the summum bonum, then patriotism is just another way to make money.