Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GOP Purity Test
One-Drop Rule -- One Drop of Negro Blood
Makes You an African-American
Three-Drop Rule -- Three Drops of Socialist
Blood Make You a Democrat
Seven-Drop Rule -- Seven Drops of GOP Blood
Make You a Republican
Ten-Drop Rule -- Ten Drops of Pure D Blood
Make You a Real American

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APGifts said...

The racist-'One-Drop Rule'
did NOT force people to
become categorized as being
'African-Americans', genius.
It falsely-forced most of the
racially-mixed people who were
members of the 'African-American'
ETHNIC group into the RACIAL
categorization of 'Black'.
The term 'African-American' is
NOT a synomym for the term of
'Black American' -- the two
terms are NOT interchangeable
-- NOR are they referring to
the same people groupings.
The 'African-American' (AA) ETHNIC
group is NOT the same group as the
'Black American' (BA) RACE Group.
In addition, although the majority
of the members of this unique and
specific ETHNIC group -- (which,
again, is NOT the same group as
the "Black" RACIAL group) -- are
of a 'continually Mixed-Race'
lineage -- most were FALSELY
categorized as being RACIALLY
"Black" as a result of the
racist-'One-Drop Rule' (which
was banned in the U.S. in 1967).
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