Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's not the 51% who disapprove or the 44% who approve that 
really bugs Trump about the latest poll; it's the 5% who have 
never heard of him.
Trump has already found a way to make a buck off
the latest viral Facebook video.
Marco Rubio and Ben Carson Reminiscing About the Day
 Trump Compared Ben to a Pathological Child Molester
Inaugural Ballers
Trump Elevates Giuliani to
Transvestism Czar
"Mister Geppetto says you're rich enough to pay for 
your own damn nose job."
Time Tourist #7
Sadducee Rebukes Uppity Nazarene
Tomi Lahren Sez:  "Can I help it that I look like a cheap 
Ann Coulter knockoff?"
Ethics Office Cautions Trump on Blow Pop Endorsement
There's a New Media Outlet in Town

Friday, January 13, 2017

'Reagan Says He Understands', a Butthole Surfers
Cover Band, to Perform at Trump Inauguration
Only Seven Days to Chowtime!
Name on Inaugural Toilets Changed from 'Don's Johns'
to 'Trump's Dumps'
The Wall Street Journal reporter shouldn't have called
Sheldon Adelson 'foul-mouthed'. He should have called
him 'foul-faced'.
A Chaffetz is what ethologists call an 'Ambush Predator'.
If Adolf Schicklgruber Had a Twitter Account

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ben Carson Flashes the Sign of the Three-Eared
Sphincter to Fellow Trumpniks in the Senate
Dmitry Peskov Sez: "Intelligence report on hacking
ridiculous like my moustache, nothing else!"
Donald Trump Sez: "Buy L.L. Bean."
"When I say 'Sieg!', you say 'Heil!'"
"What Xenomorph?"
Louie Gohmert tried being sane once.  It was the worst 
two minutes of his life.
At 70, Trump needs to take power naps more frequently, 
even in the middle of press conferences.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dweebs, Dorks, and Doofuses #87
Tim Stanley
Sign of the Times #71
And even Jeff Sessions thinks it's
sexual assault.
"Hollywood sells the best cultural drugs. Of which, 
needless to say, I do not partake."
"So how do you know they're the best?"
"Go away, kid, you bother me!"
"Anything that puts me in a bad light is Fake News. Like 
Breitbart, there's nothing I hate more than Fake News!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Parmenides Was Right
Giving Dirty Old Men a Bad Name Since 1996
"Look, if they'll let me in the Senate, they ought to let
Trump's cabinet nominees in without vetting."
Seeing the Nyet My President White 
Russian Inauguration Cocktail,
Lebowski said, "Careful man, there's
a beverage here."
Stiffneck John Cornyn Kissing Jeff Sessions' Ass
All in the Family: the Next Generation
The House GOP wants to treat us like mushrooms: 
keep us in the dark and feed us lots of bullshit.
"Like Jeff Sessions, we too abhor the Klan, but you have
 to admit they're pretty sharp dressers."
Monica Crowley plagiarized her PhD dissertation to 
prove to Trump she could steal North Korea's missile
 secrets if she wanted to.
Not Exactly a Comsymp, But Close
Here are some of the people Trump has called 'overrated'.  
To a media celebrity, ratings mean everything, so that's
 why Trump instinctively rates everyone. He's a one-man 
AC Nielsen.
Are you overrated? To find out, criticize Donald Trump.
Big Bigots, Little Bigots #104
Mary Durstein

Monday, January 09, 2017

Trump had not forgotten Streep's 'The Emperor's
New Tie' routine from last June.
Cactus Jack Strikes Back
Trump Showing Crowd How NOT to Mock a Disabled Person
Kellyanne Conway Sez: "Judge Trump by what's 
in his heart, not what comes out of his mouth."
Colin Robertson Sez: “I just don't want loads of black people 
in my country. I just want loads of ugly, unemployed white
 people like me."
Still Life with Adam, Fruit, and Obedient Eve
If you enjoy sibling rivalries, it's always fun to watch a 
New York reality television star attack Hollywood.
Storm Takes Out Famous Tunnel Tree; Trump Calls It
Time Tourist #6
Modified Limited Hangout
While he waited for Trump to describe Putin
as 'the most over-rated dictator', Hell
froze over.