Saturday, September 10, 2022

Uncle Dark Brandon Wants You
to Kick Some GOPer Ass

“The whole world will change depending
 on what Donald Trump decides."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Trump screamed at Junior. 
"You think you’re a big man sitting on the rocks and then 
boom! You kill some fucking animal? Then you drag your 
brother into this bullshit? Why the fuck would you post
 photos like that? Get the fuck out of my office!"

"In your opinion, Beaky, should Biden invite 
Trump to the Queen's funeral?"

Steve Bannon Sez:  "Being placed in handcuffs and indicted
 was one of the best days of my life.  It was a very powerful, 
spiritual day for me.  A lot of things came into high clarity.  
I was totally in the zone."

Light a Patriot
Enjoy the Slow Burn

It always aggravated Trump when he realized the Queen
 was richer than he was and wore a bigger hat.

It's a Catbird Caturday!

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #1,022
Calvin Hayden

According to Peter Navarro, Trump gave serious thought to
 ousting Jared Kushner before the 2020 election and 
replacing him with Steve Bannon.

Friday, September 09, 2022

Kanye West 'Releasing All Grudges Today Whilst Leaning 
Into the Light'

Sputtered a QAnon Functionary:  “May Queen Elizabeth II, 
a member of an elite global child-trafficking cabal,
 burn in Hell for all eternity.  The evil witch is dead!”

Barack and Michelle Graciously Unveil the Trump's
White House Portraits

Carpe Potestatem!

Will Pennsylvania become the Bubble Boy State?

Judge Rips Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes for Making 
'Bewildering Arguments'

Chelsea Clinton Remembers
the Two Ivanka Trumps

In his titillating discussion of My Son Hunter, Tucker
Carlson neglected to point out that M&Ms melt in
your mouth, not on your wang.

The first Fido Friday during the reign of King Charles III
was observed with well-mannered enthusiasm.

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Steve Bannon Sez:  “They will never shut me up. 
They’ll have to kill me first.”

Even when doing a Perp Walk, Steve Bannon did it with
historical flare.

Stephen Bannon Has a Great Fall

When Dr. Abby Abildness, Director of the Global Apostolic
Prayer Network, bows her head, God knows it's time to
swing into action.

The Part of the Story Herman Melville Left Out

Greasy Grifter Heckled by Protesters As He Turns Himself In

Beyond the Outer Limits of Plausible Deniability

Warm Scuzzies #1,236
Leonard Glenn Francis

Warm Scuzzies #1,235
Robert Telles

The Unexpurgated Bible #188
And then he spake unto them, "Being a unicorn, 
I could only be captured by a virgin.  That's why 
my mother wasn't Mary Magdalene."

On Throwback Thursday, Hope Hicks imagined she was
a Playboy Bunny.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

The Hand of Dr. No

"I’m very healthy, an absolutely perfect physical specimen!"

The day finally arrived when everyone had their
own podcast and only had time to watch/listen
to it.  It was the electronic version of solipsism.

Self-Driving Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle

Judge Removes Couy Griffin from Office 
for Engaging in Capitol Hill Insurrection

Trump Ordered a Nuclear Reactor on the Moon
 in His Final Days in Washington

Some of the documents recovered during the raid 
of Mar-a-Lago required more than just Top Secret
 clearance in order to be accessed.  Only Men in Black 
are authorized to view them and need to know their

Wicked Word of the Week #2
Trumpsymp (i. e., 'Trump Sympathizer') is a word
even Devin Nunes's cow understands.

In Elon Musk's ambit, 'Woke' is code for 
'Not White Male Chauvinist Pig Enough'.

Once again, the Profligate plans to turn himself in.

"He loved and hated My Precious, as he loved and 
hated himself."

Florida judge says Trump retains some 
executive privileges after leaving office.

Louisiana GOPer Mike Johnson Sez:  “I couldn’t get to the 
remote fast enough to shield my 11-year-old from Little Demon."

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

As you can tell, being Charlie Kirk is pretty painful.

RoJo the Clown gets his biggest laughs when he exclaims,
"I want to save Social Security!"

Warm Scuzzies #1,234
Eileen Cannon

It's Corn Kid!

Making Trump Roar Just for the Hell of It 

David Brooks has the Third Party Solution
to what ails America.

"General Ripper, I'm beginning to worry
about Jim Jordan."
"Me, too, Group Captain Mandrake. He's no doubt
showing the effect of the fluoridation of the
water supply and the resulting impurities in his
precious bodily fluids."