Saturday, July 30, 2022

January 6:  Where Secret Service Messages Go to Die

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Enjoying a Mar-a-Lago 
Brunch, Featuring Blump's Pork Juice

[Alleged] Oath Keeper [Alleged] Thomas Caldwell Had [Alleged] 
'Death List', Including [Alleged] Names of [Alleged] Election 
Workers and Their [Alleged] Families

"Well, there are three things we can do with your mother. 
We can burn her, dump her. or bury her in Trump's New
 Jersey golf course."

Ivana Trump Buried in Ex-Husband's New Jersey Golf Course

It's a Palindrome Caturday!

All 780 prints of Johnny Depp's Paint-by-Numbers
 Quartet sell for $3.6 million.

At 85, Pope Francis admits he must slow down.

Goose-Stepping for Jesus!

Free Speech Systems LLC, Parent Company of Alex Jones's
 InfoWarsFiles for Bankruptcy

Ted Cruz and Steve Daines Fist Bumping After 
Blocking Veteran Healthcare Bill

Friday, July 29, 2022

So Mickey Mouse

Washington Undergoing De-Trumpification

Even Andrew Torba's scrofulous beard is anti-Semitic.

Eric Greitens Connects with His Base

Trump Sez:  “Well, nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, 
unfortunately, and they should have.”

Trump Unplugged

The first thing you notice about Renaissance, Beyonc√©'s new 
release, is that it borrows heavily from disco and house.

"Sources tell us the only effective defense against the 
monkeypox outbreak is wearing a Jason Voorhees
goalie mask."

J. D. Vance argues that violent, unhappy marriages should 
not end in divorce.  For the sake of the children?  No, for the 
sake of the sadomasochism.

Remembering Tommy Tutone on Fido Friday

Imaginary Rabbit Attempting to Conceptualize Seeing 
Galaxies with the James Webb Space Telescope 'Dating
 Back to Just Over 200 Million Years After the Big Bang'

Thursday, July 28, 2022

As the Senator from Missouri has demonstrated to the
entire world, being fast on your feet while fleeing
insurrectionists is the quintessence of manhood and
a  prime masculine virtue.

Alex Jones and F. Andino Reynal, his attorney,
are two jerks in pursuit of the Sandy Hook 'hoax'.

Why is it always 'High Profile'?  Why not 'Low Profile'?

And then there appeared the Forward Party, 
followed by the Backward Forward Party.

But not 'too forward', because, to a guy, ‘too forward’ mean
being very sexually promiscuous.

Gaetz the Body-Shamer

According to researchers, Trump appeals to men who are 
insecure about their manhood.  This is called the 'Fragile 
Masculinity Hypothesis'.

Trump Asks Court to Rule He Has ‘Absolute Immunity’

J.D. Vance would oppose codifying same-sex marriage, 
especially between hillbillies.

Vote for Trump in 2024 and you might get Jeanine Pirro 
as Attorney-General.  Wouldn't that be nice!

You hear people throwing around the term,
'China hawk'.  Here's what one looks like.

Fools rush in to pay as much as $5,000
for a ticket.  It's called 'dynamic pricing'
for those 'Born in the USA'.

It's Earth Overshoot Day, "the day when all the resources 
the planet can regenerate in a year have been used up—and
 the rest of the year's consumption will be what amounts to
 deficit spending."  Oh Happy Day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Curtis Yarvin is a Neoreactionary.  A Neoreactionary 
is a Paleoreactionary with a new pair of hobnailed

Big Liar Threatens to Sue Everyone Who Has Defamed Him
 Since 2016 by Using the Phrase, 'The Big Lie'

Warm Scuzzies #1,217
George Tanios

Josh Hawley Sez:  "I don't regret anything I did on that day, 
and it's a privilege to be attacked by the January 6th 
committee, and I want to say thank you for all the 
help with my fundraising."

Walton Penwell's The Head of Mary Trump in a Bell Jar is an
 example of Vacuous Art.

Lauren Boebert (aka Bride of Gazort) Sez:
“The church is supposed to direct government, not the opposite
 way. The Bible says that government rests on God’s shoulders.”

It is comforting to know that bipartisan power couple
Mary Matalin and James Carville have 'totally retired'
to a $2 million condo in New Orleans.

Marty Daniel says, "I am concerned that the purpose of this
 hearing is to vilify, blame and try to ban over 24 million 
sporting rifles already in circulation that are lawfully 
possessed." Can you believe the CEO of Daniel Defense
calls the AR-15 used to kill 19 Uvalde school children a
'sporting rifle'?

Sean Hannity has claimed 43 times on TV and 48 times on radio
 that Trump  ordered thousands of National Guard troops to 
secure the Capitol before January 6, 2021.  Trump's Secretary 
of Defense Chris Miller says, “I was never given any direction 
or order or knew of any plans of that nature.  There was 
no direct—there was no order from the President.”

One of life's Guilty Pleasures is listening to Dallas Cowboys
owner Jerry Jones apologize to the Little People of America.

Key Adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban 
Resigns After Comparing Him to Flattop, the 
Notorious Dick Tracy Villain

Florida Man Tries to Break into Space Force Base to Warn
 About U.S. Aliens Fighting Chinese Dragons

When Glenn Greenwald talks about 'People Who Lie for a
 Living' and 'People Whose Job It Is to Spread Disinformation',
 is he looking in a mirror at the time?

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Mike Pence's Face After He's Been Waiting
25 Minutes for a Table at Olive Garden on
Saturday Night

"As evidence of Trump's coup plot grows, most 
Republican pundits are only shouting louder."