Saturday, February 26, 2011

Newt Gingrich:  Adulterous Grifter,
 or Impeachment Frottageur?
If you've never seen real 'union thugs' at work, here's a
picture of them inside their headquarters in Madison.
[To embiggen their 'thuggishness', click on the image.] 
When he was asked by a reporter about the White House's
off-site meetings with lobbyists, Jay Carney tried to answer
with a straight face.  But he just couldn't do it.  
Inside the Colonel's Bunker
Nick Gillespie to Be Featured in New HGTV Series,
'Libertarian Home Decor 101'
"Ms. Geller, when you say you're more of a lover than
a hater, what do you mean by that?"
"You're getting very sleepy, Clarence, very sleepy."
"So what if Ronald Reagan said that the right to belong to a
union is one of the most elemental human rights.  The Koch
brothers pay us here at Americans for Prosperity to take the
unions out at the knees.  And that's what we intend to do!"
World's Worst Yobs #210
Scott Hagerstrom
You would think a lawyer being paid $10
million a year by BP to minimize payouts
 for damages caused by the Gulf oil spill 
could afford better clown makeup than this.
"You could sum up my philosophy of life in three words:
'Whatever happens, happens'."
Once upon a time, wearing the American flag was
frowned upon.  You could even be arrested for it.
Warm Scuzzies #150
American Legislative Exchange Council

Friday, February 25, 2011

Woo-Hoo Personals #9
Member of Congress Seeks
Crossdresser He Can Spoil
[JC Penney Activewear Only;
No Target or Wal-Mart!]
DARPA’s Cheeto-Bot Designed to Chase Human Prey
Former President of Local MADD Chapter in
Florida Arrested for DWI, Says She Had
Been Drowning Her Sorrows Due to the
Closing of the Chapter for Lack of Funds
'Weird Al' with a Brain

Sarah Palin with a Brain
British Fashion Designer John Galliano
Arrested for Wearing Anti-Anti-Emetic
On the scaffold, Charles Guiteau, the assassin
of President James A. Garfield, was asked if
he had any last words.  He said:  "OK, I
admit it, what I did wasn't satire.  It was
just a bad joke in poor taste."
"Our men's walking shoes offer maximum comfort and support. 
As always, free shipping and 365-day guaranteed returns!"
Visual Aid Which Helps Explain
 Why the U. S. Is Not Called
 a 'Commonwealth'
Woody Allen Encounters Government Teat Used to
Suckle War Profiteers in Afghanistan
"In using psyops on visiting politicians, we have invented the
world's first Perpetual Motion War Machine.  And we're
really pretty proud of that."
"Why, Mr. Ailes, is it so easy to believe that you would
tell Judith Regan to lie to the feds about her affair with
Bernie Kerik?"
Senator McCain Trying to
Deny the Army's PsyOp
Program in Afghanistan
Has Affected Him
"Given that your name is Callista, has it
ever occurred to you that your husband
may actually be Zeus, disguised as the
Pillsbury Doughboy?"
Colonel Gaddafi Had Been Warned That Osama Was
Dealing Bad Acid
"Just for laughs, let's give John Hinderaker a call and sing
a verse or two of 'Only the Lonely' for him."
World's Worst Yobs #209
James Glassman
“'Who is going to shoot President Obama?'  Ha! Ha! Ha!
You're such a kidder!”

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Corporate takeover of America?
This looks like a job for Superman!"
'Bigoted Ignorance' or 'Ignorant Bigotry'?  Abe Foxman of
the ADL Makes the Call
Glenn Beck's The Perfect Storm Soap Opera
Now in Its Fifth Season
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #277
Terry Jeffrey
Warm Scuzzies #149
Jeff Schoepke
Sarah Palin Has Had Lasik Surgery,
Only Wears Glasses for 'Tina Fey Look'
Wisconsin Governor Has Kill Switch Installed for
Handling Prank Callers
Sarah Palin to Give Dinner Keynote
in India on the Topic, "My Vision
of Frank Bailey, That Dirty Rat Fink!"
According to John Hinderaker, David Koch is
a 'lonely libertarian'.  David disagrees:  "I
have my lovely young wife, Julia, and $19
 billion to keep me company."
John Travolta Loses Toupee,
Finds Ass in Sling
As Senator Rand Paul might say, were he inclined to tell
the truth, "Plutocracy is the most revolutionary force
in politics today."
'No-Fly Zone' Over Daniel Foster Not Working;
Orkin Man May Be Required to Nuke Pesky Insects
Maggie Gallagher tried to put a good face on the DOMA
setback, but she didn't have one.
"The only thing that I've heard is if you take a plastic bottle
made of Bisphenol A and put it in the microwave and you
heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So,
the worst case is some women may have little beards."
"Yes, General Caldwell, I'm way too smart for psyops to
have any effect on me.  So, tell me more about the
additional $2 billion you need to train 70,000 Afghan
White House Says It Moves Meetings with Lobbyists
to Caribou Coffee to "Help Keep Everybody Awake"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"How could anybody confuse me with Colonel
Gaddafi?  Anyone with half a brain can tell just
from looking at me that I'm a Scientologist
and he's not!"
Andrew Ian Dodge, Persimmon Addict and Tea Party Official,
to Challenge Olympia Snowe in Maine's Republican Primary