Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kenji Nagai photographed the real world until he
was 52. Then the real world shot him dead.
Things to Avoid #8
Bullrider Monkeys
Not until the authorities threatened to cut off his Internet
access did the fearless monk's resolve begin to weaken.
Holy Moses, how much he wanted to speak! But he had
taken the Vow of Silence, and he knew God was listening.
You'll notice that none of the power elite
in Myanmar appears in public wearing a
Dumpstaphunk t-shirt.
"Hell no, I ain't happy, you dumb bitch!"
"'Will Work for Threads', eh?"
Newt Gingrich Declines to Run for President in 2008;
Says He Hasn't Had Enough Wives to Beat Giuliani
It got to the point that his teammates just ignored
him when he flew off the handle.
Howard Krongard knows that in Iraq the dress code
is Armored Casual and you always BYOB (Bring Your
Own Bomb).
World's Worst Jobs #58
Filipino Potato Culler

Uncle Thomas
When Howard Krongard, the State Department's
Inspector General, tells his staff to keep their
mouths shut about Blackwater, he is always
accompanied by a couple of enforcers.
American Empire #12
Regime Change

Navy to Spend $600,000 to Change Shape of San Diego
Barracks Building from Swastika to Iron Cross
World's Worst Jobs #57
Mumbai Flag Peddler

Friday, September 28, 2007

After Bill O'Reilly was videotaped robbing a bank,
he claimed he was photographed out of context.
If this is the first time you've looked a gift horse
in the mouth, it can be a pretty scary experience.

Jason Voorhees, Key Leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq,
Killed for 13th Time, U.S. General Says
"It has been reported, Mayor Giuliani, that after He said
of your adulteries, 'Let Him who is without sin cast the
first stone', Jesus stooped down, picked up a large
stone, and cast it directly at your private parts. Can
either you or Judith tell us if it did any damage?"
Albino Ratfish Adopted as New Symbol of the GOP
The young man had reached his goal in life, but
he didn't know what to do once he got there.
'Real Soldiers' dodge the draft and abuse drugs.
'Phony Soldiers' die in Iraq.
Butterfly Imagining What God Looks Like

What God Looks Like
My GOP? Not if you're
1) African-American,
2) Mexican-American,
3) gay, or
4) poor.
"Hey, Nadia! Don't be such a big baby!"

Brats in Beer

Not Whitewater

Not Grey Water


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Angel Moroni to Make Special Guest Appearance at
Annual Meeting of Council for National Policy

Vice President to Speak to Super-Secret, Conservative
Council for National Policy at Secure Undisclosed Location

As the President spoke, Hamid Karzai couldn't help but
marvel at the waste of oxygen.

New York Daily News Fills Vacuum Created
by Demise of Weekly World News

The brouhaha over 'General Betray Us' has revealed,
once again, the power uniforms have over our superstitious
minds. Whether it is the stars and fruit salad on a general's
jacket, the clerical collar of a divine, or the white coat of a physician,
we respond to these costumes with something akin to religious awe.
One cannot imagine the Supreme Being naked. One can only imagine
Him wearing some sort of uniform.
Senate Votes to Change Name of Group
from to
Sarko the Giant Leaves Them Rolling in the Aisles at the UN

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

President Threatens to Veto House Bill Regulating
'Popcorn Lung Disease', Says He Supports Voluntary
Restrictions on 'Bronchiolitis Obliterans' Instead
Children's Crusade 13th Century

Children's Crusade 21st Century
"Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked Congress Wednesday to
approve nearly $190 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
in 2008, increasing initial projections by more than a third."

Profiles in Militarism
American Empire #11
Next Generation Getting Acclimated to Being
Submerged in National Debt
O'Reilly the Ostrich screamed at the top of his lungs for a very long
period of time, stuck his head in the sand, and then laid an egg.
Did you know it is against the law to trap a soccer player
without a license? If he has one, it's OK.
Do you know the correct technique for kissing a sturgeon?
If not, Vladimir Putin shows you how.

“Motherhood," says Michelle Malkin, "should bring a ferocity,
and dare I say, make us more violent.” Judged by this standard,
Michelle's mother must be proud of how her daughter turned out.
American Empire #10
Shock and Awe