Saturday, July 25, 2020

On the list of 'Top Ten Reasons to Hate Brett Favre',
this is #11.
NFAC = Not Fucking Around Coalition
In his last days, Trump had been reduced to a single, 
short-fingered wag.
Big Bigots, Little Bigots #126
William Welch
"Dang me, dang me
They oughta take a rope and hang me
High from the highest tree."
Waiting for the Day When Kayleigh Culture Is Cancelled
Devin Nunes and His Cow Performing
'A Skyping We Will Go'

Friday, July 24, 2020

Oh Bury Me Not Under Old Cliches #8
Trump Hijacks the News Cycle
Be not deceived, State Senator Jason Rapert (R-AR).
COVID-19 is not mocked.
Hey, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, 'Progressive Cancel
 Culture' Gonna Get Yo Mama!
With the Trump Campaign Somewhere
in Florida

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Louie apparently didn't get the memo that today's racist 
Republicans, especially in his home state of Texas, are 
yesterday's racist Democrats.  Solid South always meant 
Solid Racist, regardless of whether the party in power was
 Democratic or Republican.
Maybe Kimberly should consider shilling for
Goya Foods like Ivanka Trump.
Not since the climactic Mexican standoff in The Good, the 
Bad and the Ugly has there been a Circular Firing Squad 
quite like today's GOP. 
The Two Sides of Chad Wolf
Chad Wolf Sez:  "Heimatland über Alles!"
World's Worst Yoobs #217
Heather Childers

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Do you suppose a Clorox enema might help?
Yoho Yo-Yo
Michael Chertoff, Ex-Homeland Security Chief, 
Condemns Trump Actions
Two Down, Two to Go
World's Worst Yobs #432
Tim Murtaugh
Warm Scuzzzies #943
Robert Wood 'Woody' Johnson IV
Still Life with Red Handbag
It's a Florida Thing
Kayleigh McEnany Sez:  "The President is the most tested 
man in America.  The President is tested more than anyone
 multiple times a day."
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #828
Jennifer Bukowsky
The Republican Party Platform
Is a Cruel Shoe

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

If Trump Had a White House Dog
White House Virus Strategy
When he's not sitting on the toilet tweeting, 
Trump sits in the Oval Office, hugging himself.
Deployment of the Swedish Bikini Team did 
raise male morale, however.
It would be bad enough if Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) 
called any woman a 'fucking bitch'.  But when he called his 
fellow House member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 'fucking
 bitch', Ted revealed to the world what a lout he is.
Protester Arrested for Trolling for Fatass Carps
Does Trump have a lock on the female Goon vote?
Just Another Slug for Trump
Are we singing 'America the Beautiful' yet?
Please do not try to imagine Tucker Carlson and Sean 
Hannity engaging in 'sexual misconduct'.  It's not for 
the squeamish.
To help keep Speaker Householder company in jail,
four other Ohio GOPers were also arrested.
Is it true Mark Zuckerberg is now the leader of a gang 
which may someday rival the Insane Clown Posse 
for supremacy?
When it's a standoff between hyenas and vultures,
it's hard to know who to root for.
Trump is now wearing a COVID-19 mask.  He says it
makes him look 'patriotic'.  Of course it does.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Remember The Mod Squad?  If you do, Congratulations!
If you don't, there's the Trump Administration's
Goon Squad.
Roy Den Hollander Adds Murder and
Suicide to His Anti-Feminist Resume
Someone needs to remind the Governor of Missouri that 
child sacrifice went out with pre-Columbian culture.
Although the Governor of Missouri's face bears a
strong resemblance to the face of a popular cartoon
 character, Droopy definitely excels Mike Parson
 in the brains department.
You can come to Winn-Dixie without a mask, but don't
forget your Stars and Bars.
if there is a transcendental, Platonic 'form' of Meathead, 
Mike Parson, Governor of Missouri, is it.
Trump Questions Mitch McConnell's Loyalty,
Accusing Him of Wearing Barack Obama's Tan Suit
When you are required to wear a mask, your freedom to infect 
other people with a deadly disease is somewhat restricted.  
However, you are still free to call them 'Crooked Hillary' or
 'Sleepy Joe', if you are so inclined.