Saturday, October 24, 2020

Is Hillary Clinton's email server shacking up 
with Hunter Biden's laptop?

World's Worst Yobs #436
Greg Kelly

Quadravaping is harder than it looks.

It's time to play Scapegoat Bingo!

It's only 10 days until Trump will be
launched into the Empty Doom.

P. J. O'Rourke is 72 and it shows.  At his peak in the 
Reagan years of the 1980s, this old Republican Party
Reptile is still tilting at the windmill of 'classical
liberalism'.  Positively quixotic, isn't he?

Scientists Alarmed as First Murder Hornet with 
Trump/Pence Breastplate Found in U.S.

Don't Mind Us:  We're Just Catapulting Into Caturday

Mask Up and Vote #61

Friday, October 23, 2020

'Serial Polygamy' is the Trumpnik definition of 
'Holy Matrimony'.

Somewhere in the Louisiana Fever Swamp

Now Trending at #12 on Twitter

There's Nothing in Our Chicken But Chicken

As always, Trump covers all the bases.

When did teenagers start making
Bucket Lists?

Was it hair or a cocked hat?  Only his hairdresser
knew for sure.

You can see why Texan Ken Paxton is considered one
of the bravest state Attorney-Generals in the U. S.

Pachyderm Panic Attack

It's Casual Friday!

When Coronavirus, Like Stars,
Fell on Will Ainsworth

Like the greeter at Auschwitz,
Trump pointed out that the
detention centers for immigrant
children were 'so clean'.

Even outdoors and  in broad daylight, Trump would start
 making shadow animals, including his most popular,
the Three-Eared Sphincter.

Mask Up and Vote #60

Thursday, October 22, 2020

If being human meant being like
Tucker Carlson, he gave thanks
for being a monkey.

Why call it 'fucking' when you can call it
'stimulus negotiations'?

Time to Vote

Black Belt, the Lipstick Bandit

The Taco Bell Challenge is to figure out how they stuff 
16 tacos into a box designed to hold only 12.

Relax!  God is a woman and she's keeping her
eye on the ball.

Rudy Giuliani's New Book

Mask Up and Vote #59 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rudy was just making sure they were 
still there. At his age, it's hard to tell.
If Edgar Allan Poe Wrote Rudy Giuliani's Biography

The Encroachment of the Unreadable

They Take the Words Right Out of His Mouth

Gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Zipper Job'

Rudy Giuliani, the Saucy Septuagenarian

Welcome to Parody World!

Amy Coney Barrett is ‘a relativist dressed in
 originalist drag’, the National 
Catholic Reporter declares.

They also call him 'Mr. Obvious'.

Did you know there are three easy ways to
whistle with your tongue?

Dank Memes #17
Vicious Cycle

"I don't want to cause no fuss
But can I buy your Magic Bus?"

He Loved the Smell of Gunsmoke in the Morning

Trump Cuts 60 Minutes Interview Short, 
Calls It 'Fake'

Mask Up and Vote #58

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

50 Pence = One-Half Pound Sterling

"The first rule of mountain climbing,
my child, is 'Don't Look Down'."

"Are you better on or are you
better off than you were 
four years ago?"

Does Trump make fisties all the time because he's
ashamed of his short fingers?