Saturday, April 30, 2022

Joe Biden's Ministry of Tooth is right
out of the pages of Dentistry Today.

Bringing the Classics to the Masses
Since 1941

Not only is toad-licking illegal, but it's the 
gateway to smoking toad venom and beyond.

Confession Is Good for the Soul

The Extreme Center Is Everywhere and Nowhere

Bellerophon and Pegasus on the Daredevil Circuit

Center-Right Middlebrow Fascism-Adjacent Opinionator

Salvation History (New and Improved)

Careful with That Pun, Eugene

When Yard Ornaments Attack

All News Hounds Go to Heaven

"I am not woke.  It's just another Caturday."

Friday, April 29, 2022

Biden Sending Men in Black to Neuralyze
Suspected Extraterrestrial 'Bug'

Joe Biden hasn't been nearly as cozy with
Van Jones as Jared Kushner has.

Warm Scuzzies #1,162
Brian Ulrich

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #987
Darbi Boddy

"Doctor, it would appear Governor DeSantis is
hyperventilating again."

Biden Blasted for Policing Free Speech with
 ‘Dystopian’ Disinformation Bureau

Musk Told Banks He Would Cut Jobs, Pay at Twitter

Jesus Returns to Social Media

Mud Honeys

Headline Writer Kicks Out the Jams

Boob Magnets Not Just for Refrigerators Anymore

Looks like somebody forgot it's Fido Friday.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

"Roger Stone claims to have photographic proof that a 'satanic
 portal' has opened over the White House. 'We who believe, we 
can close the portal, but we can only close it through prayer. 
Massive prayer, millions of Christians praying to close the portal'.”


Transhumanoids Still Finding It
Hard to Fit In

Like that day Brer Fox threw Brer Rabbit into the
Briar Patch.

Is this a Galaxy-Brain Strategy, or what?

Once upon a time, psychiatrists were called 'alienists'.

When he heard Marjorie Taylor Greene say, "Karl Rove can go 
kiss my ass," the Incredible Licking Man kicked into high gear.

“From gender transitions to Critical Race Theory, 
there’s no question that a toxic wokeness is 
infesting our nation, and it must be eradicated
before it’s too late.”

T-800 seems to be rusting out.

Is it possible for America to be saved too many times?

Pence the Toady reminds us it's only 922 days until 
Election Day 2024.

"Rudy Giuliani says the Capitol Hill Insurrection was 
'total setup'.  That Rudy, he's such a charming jackanapes."

Rudy Giuliani Sez:  "Jan. 6 has been totally exaggerated as
 a political stunt by a bunch of crooked Democrats."

When it comes to trees, Madison Cawthorn punches
above his weight class.

"Ha-ha, you can't pin me down!" gibed Elon the Tube Guy.

Dan Crenshaw Sez:  "Conservatives generally have this
 healthy paranoia of government. That can — taken to an 
extreme, a healthy paranoia can turn into an unhealthy paranoia.”

"I don't recall ever advocating for Marshall Law,"
said What's-Her-Name.

Elvis fell in love with his own reflection in a mirror 
and pined away. 

Straight Out of the Piney Woods of East Texas

Telling Kevin McCarthy to stop lying is like telling
a brothel owner in Nevada to stop holding 
Virginity Auctions.

Cawthorn Scandal Generator Runs Up to
10 Hours on One Tank of Gas

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Russian Z-Man is easy to operate.

The Republican Blueprint to Steal the 2024 Election

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #986
Abby Abildness

Will Marjorie Taylor Greene ever stop
scaring the children?

There are over 460,000 NCAA student-athletes.  
Of these, 32 identify as transgender.