Saturday, July 16, 2022

Sidney Powell's a Pepper, You Can Be a Pepper, Too

World's Worst Yobs #450
Jonathan Mitchell

Warm Scuzzies #1,213
Mike Roman

The NRA Children's Museum---a convoy of 52 yellow school
 buses filled with 4,368 empty seats to represent the children 
killed by gun violence since 2020---visits Ted Cruz's home.  
He was reading Green Eggs and Ham to his pet mole rat 
at the time.

With the aid of the James Webb Space Telescope,
we can see what the Carina Nebula looked like 7,600
years ago.  That's Earth years, of course.  Measured
in Saturnian years, it's only 91.8 years ago.

Does Joe Manchin give a damn that climate change is 
destroying our human environment?  Hell no!  He's from
West Virginia, where the environment was destroyed by the 
oil, gas, and coal mining industries long ago.

Jonathan Lemire Sez: "Steve Bannon claimed he was taken 
aback at the ease with which Trump would lie, or order 
others to do so."

The Sand Religion Protocol

Elon Musk's Dad Gets Existential

Jordan Peterson is just one of the modes of being a grifter.
There are many others.

Cody Mattice and James Mault are going to prison for
3.5 years because of Donald J. Trump's coup attempt.
It's enough to make a grown man cry.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Often Confused with, but Only Tangentially Related to,
the Loveland Frogmen

Warm Scuzzies #1,212
Todd Rokita

  Is your outrage device running low?  If so, just plug
 it in to this portable Outrage Charger.  You'll never
run out of outrage again!

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #1,010
Brad Tschida

Researchers debunk the old idea that Woody Woodpecker
had a natural shock absorber in his skull to protect his brain.

Catherine Glenn Foster Sez:  “If a 10-year-old became 
pregnant as a result of rape and it was threatening her life, 
then that’s not an abortion.”

Imagine how January 6 might have turned out if Trump's
limo had been a self-driving Tesla.

"I'm walkin', yes indeed
And I'm talkin' about you and me
I'm hopin' that you'll come back to me, yeah."

World's Worst Jobs #163
Joe Manchin Reporter

Yes, Virginia, Jim Jordan is a Fido Friday denialist.

Manchin Subvariant BA.5

Something odd was happening and he dare not fall asleep.

Pixels Gone Wild!  Better Than a
Late-Night Infomercial!

"Of course you don't get any bloody wafers with it!"

If you ever have anything to do with him,
Trump will always get you in the end.

If you have trouble telling them apart, just
remember Bob Woodward wears glasses and
Pruneface didn't.

Secret Service Moves to Undisclosed Location,
Changes Name to 'Cover-Up Service'

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Spawn of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly

So far, he had determined the experiment had a 
beginning and an end.

In the olden days, you had to go to a circus sideshow
to see a freak like Forgiato Blow.  Now all you have
to do is have a Twitter account.

Flying Saucers Are In the House!

Now with 33% Less Shooters Grill!

Has Elon Musk screwed himself, or is it all
just a metaphor?

Before God created Eve, was Adam nonbinary?

Egg A La Festering Gob

Restaurant package, not for resale.

Trump Adviser Pressing Him to Announce 
2024 Campaign Before Midterm Election

Jonathan Turley After His Skeptical Article in the 
New York Post About the 10-Year-Old Rape Victim
Was Torpedoed by the Truth

Trump Could Announce 2024 Bid as Early as September

Jim Jordan Surreptitiously Deletes Tweet Calling 
Bastille Day 'Another Lie'

Biden Defends Visit to Saudi Arabia and 
Other Undesirable Things

Just as there are Quack Doctors,
there are Quack Lawyers.

Average Rent in Manhattan Jumps to Record $5,000
 a Month; City Mouse Moving to the Country

He-Man Womanators Club

Thank God, Rootie Kazootie is not becoming
more 'elite', like all those snooty libtards and

Lindsey Graham Argues Constitution Grants Him
 'Absolute Immunity'

Just as Let's Go Brandon! = Fuck Joe Biden!,
Let's Go Pikachu! = Fuck Joe Manchin!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Warm Scuzzies #1,211
Dave Yost

Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani Re-Enacting 
The Green Mile