Saturday, March 05, 2016

For a more penetrating understanding of
 what's happening in the GOP debates, 
see 'A Mind of Its Own'.
Trump's ascendancy in the GOP definitely calls 
into question the idea that a clown has never
before resided in the White House.
So Cool It's Arctic!
"Listen up, Clio!  History is what's left over after 
all the good parts have been forgotten."
Not The Onion
Taking Andrew McCarthy's advice, Piyush the Exorcist
"Jesus have mercy!
Lord have mercy!
Christ have mercy!
God have mercy!
Cast out the culture rot in America!"
Don't say 'Racist'.  Say 'Chromophobe'.  
A Chromophobe hates/fears people
 of any and all colors.
Camo Media Presents!
"Have a Nice Day!"
"The nuclear codes . . . NOW!"
Observers say the Question Mark Octopus doesn't look like
 "anything that’s been documented in the scientific 
literature since Squidward was discovered in 1999."
Obama to Release Drone Playbook
"I am faultless. Therefore, every bad thing that befalls me 
is either your fault or the monkey's beside you."
"Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy."
World's Worst Yobs #351
Tom Nichols
Let's stop saying 'Donor Class'.  Let's tell the truth 
and say 'Briber Class'.
Big Nose, Big Hose.
Little Hands, Little Glans.
The Urge to Merge
Louisiana Sheriff Casts Out Demon
Jindal Blames Obama for Cream Pie in the Mush
'This Is the Farthest Jerk Ever Spotted', Astronomers Say
The Unexpurgated Bible #131
"And when he had said this, as CPAC was looking on, 
Ben Carson was lifted up, and a cloud took him out 
of their sight."

Friday, March 04, 2016

Joe the Plumber Celebrates Endorsing Donald Trump 
with Publication of New NRA Pamphlet
Trump Guarantees America That Finger Length
Is Not an Indicator of Wee Wee Size
Q: "What is the difference between Anuses
 and Assholes?" 

A: "Without Anuses, we would die. Without 
Assholes, the world would be a much 
better place."
When Trump is President, Klansmen will be
 required to upgrade to Boll & Branch linens.
This Way to the Junta, Ladies and Gentlemen
Marco Rubio's presidential campaign really shifted into
 high gear when he praised Governor Rick Snyder's
 handling of the Flint water crisis.
"If I say do it, they’re going to do it. That’s what
Der Führer Prinzip is all about."
Mussolini Sues Trump for Trademark Infringement

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Honest Abe Elected President of 
Hipsters Against Trump
Arguing with a Trumpnik is futile.  He will tell you there
 is only one Authority, and that that Authority has convinced
 him you're 100% wrong, even about who your parents were.
Schadenfreude Beetle Dropped from Endangered Species
List; Implosion of GOP Credited for Remarkable 
"I like the fit, but do you have a petty despot in any other 
color besides gold?"
Some are saying that Leonardo di Caprio won an Oscar
because he grew a beard.  Well, this guy grew a beard, 
too, but he didn't win an Oscar.
"I want VP like me."
Photo Oops! #3
Travis County GOP Chair Doing His Duty to Boost Austin
Grand Poobah Sez:  "I could've said, 'Mitt, drop
 to your knees.' He was begging me."
The Orange Snapper is commonly found in the GOP Fever
 Swamp, where it feeds on Cranks, Racists, Bigots, and 
Religious Kooks.
New Jersey Governor Loses 100 Lbs.,
Is Still a Fathead
Romney Mocks Trump's 'Lousy Hat'
"Here are the specifics of my 7-point health care plan:
the 4 Mexicans die, the 3 Anglos live.  Next question!"
"Donald Trump is a phony and a fraud." 
Deadly Dilemma
"Trump's promises are as worthless as
 a degree from Trump University!"
"Check out my new clothes!" quoth the Emperor 
of Papier Mâché.
"Ted, your God is smaller than mine!" 
bellowed Mr. Hyperbole.
Waiting for the Last Checkmark on
November 8
Robert Morrow, the Combover King of
 the Travis County GOP