Thursday, June 20, 2019

Warm Scuzzies #878
Brian Boquist
Hey, let's all follow Trump's example and 
call each other names, shall we?
The Fateful Day Wilbur Tested the 
Flying Pig Hypothesis

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

World's Worst Jobs #149
Facebook Moderator
"We understand that if you fail to become the next
Governor of Arkansas you will give serious
consideration to auditioning for Danny Trejo's 
role in a remake of Once Upon a Time in Mexico."
The Punisher is a fictional character who serves as
Secretary of State in the Trump Administration.
'Demonic Networks' Said to Now Include Fox News
If you like your bigotry raw and out in the open, 
you would love Alabama.
Instead of the presidency, maybe Joe Biden should
be elected to the DC Hall of Tone-Deaf Ragers.
Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign
Now that Trump has started calling Fox News 'Fake News',
one wonders how long it will be before he ditches Fox for 
younger network, like, say, One America News.  At the same
time, Melania should be watching her back, because it looks
like Sarah is making her move.
If Vladimir Putin starts to tell you this joke, tell him you've
already heard it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What's really scary is when that 17th-century belief
 system begins to erupt from Jim Jordan's chest.
Iran Surrenders After Tom Cotton Dropped on Tehran
Those Aryan Eyes, That Aryan Hair
It's not surprising that Sebastian Gorka's wife looks like
Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.  It's also not surprising that she
has been named press secretary for the Customs and
Border Protection Agency.  Let the mass deportations
Tomi Lahren, the World's Blondest Joke, Reacts to
the Popularity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
CEO Stephen Bradley Mell will be grounded in prison
for the next seven years.
On the Same Day Trump Launched His Re-Election
Campaign in Orlando
Unbeknownst to him, Boeing had also installed an
automatic self-destruct mechanism in Patrick Shanahan.
Welcome to Trumpcentration Camp, Boys and Girls, 
Where We Focus All Day Long on Our Dear Leader
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #770
Irwin Graulich
Robert Mercer Decides to Disinvest from MAGA Corp.
Yes, random testing for nicotine in the urine
of Jeffs belongs in the funny papers.
Salena Zito, the Trumpnik Whisperer, 
Beginning to Evince the Edroso Effect
Say "9/11" to the McConnell the Turtle Inaction Figure, 
and it won't move, but it WILL shed a tear or two.
Jon Stewart Sez:  “Listen, Senator McConnell, I know
 that your species isn’t known for moving quickly.”

Monday, June 17, 2019

Serpent Necking Turns Deadly
Brett Kavanaugh Sez:  "It is sometimes said that the bigger
 the government, the smaller the individual." If this were true,
 then a state of anarchy, like Syria today, would be the ideal
 environment for the individual to live in.
Little Wise Guy's Last Ride
For All the Nervous Nellies in the House Democratic
 Caucus (Especially Nancy Pelosi)
Warm Scuzzies #878
Kyle Kashuv
Warm Scuzzies #877
Bryan Lober
Brian Isaack Clyde Sez:  "No cosplay for me for A Kon
 because i decided to finish getting all of my mags. 
2 40 rounders and 8 30 rounders total."
[Don't you just love it when gunhuggers talk dirty.]
Trump Sez:  “Look, George, you’re being a little wise guy, 
okay, which is typical for you.”
Trump calls it his 'King of the Britons' strategy.
You don't have to be a masochist to work for
Trump, but it sure helps.
Tribute bands are all the rage these days.  Kellyanne
Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have formed
a new band to pay tribute to The Lamplighters,
called The Gaslighters.
The US is the only country in the world to recognize 
Israeli sovereignty in the occupied territory where 
'Trump Depths' will be built.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

If you don't like the message, shoot the messenger.
Warm Scuzzies #876
Ian Reed
Sergeant Schultz Named Trump's New Press Secretary
Imagine if Iran had troops stationed in Canada and Mexico.  
How would we like that?  The United States has troops
 stationed on the east side of Iran in Afghanistan and on the 
west side of Iran in Iraq.  How do you suppose Iran likes that?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Three Annoying Pet Rocks Taunt Ernie Bushmiller
After Escaping from Nancy Comic Strip
'Son of a Mitch' Now More Popular Than 'Son of a Bitch'
 as Vulgar Slang for an 'Objectionable, Despicable Person'
Remember when megalomania was a bug, not a feature?
Israel and Saudi Arabia Continue Egging On American
 Bully to Beat Up on Iran
Although many Americans oppose Trump's proposal to 
ban flag burning, they are much more receptive to a ban 
on flag hugging.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to be remembered
 for being 'transparent and honest'.  Stormy Daniels 
wants to be remembered as 'Our Lady of Perpetual