Saturday, February 03, 2018

Every third day of Trump's time in office have been
spent on his own property, and every fourth day
has been spent on the golf course.  For this, Trump
is paid $400,000 a year. Call it the 'Lazy Man's
"This is an American disgrace."
"After Trump drained the swamp, what did you expect?"
"Hey, isn't that Joe Isuzu?"
"Nah, it's his brother Devin."
It's not that David Koch is a giant. It's that Jim Jordan is 
vertically-challenged. And his height is directly correlated 
to his IQ.
Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is calling for a
second independent counsel from the "middle of the
country, outside the swamp." That would be here, the
geographical center of the U.S., two miles northwest of 
Lebanon, Kansas (population 203).
Yes, Devin, it's your turn to wear the Gumby Kerchief.
It works for Trump, It can work for you.
In high school, Devin Nunes was voted
'Most Likely Mullethead to Write Memos'.
Study Reveals More Bad News for Heretical Gummy Bears
Warm Scuzzies #768
Douglas Haig
You have the right to breastfeed your baby wherever 
and whenever your baby is hungry.
How the Russians Knocked Up the Trump Administration
Dow Drops 666 Points: Is Wall Street in Cahoots 
with the Antichrist and the FBI in the Deep State 
Plot Against Trump?

Friday, February 02, 2018

We're All Crime Family Here™
Who Always Shows Up in Freddy Krueger's
Weasel Takes Offense at Being Compared to 
Trump Administration
Don Shooter, the guy in the hat, has just been expelled
from the Arizona House of Representatives for
sexual harassment.  The sexual predator making the
 'up yours' gesture hasn't been expelled from 
Not all weasels are liars and not all liars are weasels, 
but Donald Trump is both.
Lest ye be confused, remember:
February 1 is Weasels and
Liars Day; February 2 is
Groundhog Day.
Can you tell who is who and which is which?
J. Edgar Hoover was a liberal and didn't
even know it. Shocking!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

He had been prophesied in
1958, when you could buy
a fat paperback for 50¢.
Come next January, who will take on
Trey Gowdy's important role as hairstyling
trendsetter for the House of Representatives?
Elizabeth Beck, the Cranky Lawyer, 
doesn't like CNN's Proper Gander.
In recognition of Black History Month, Trump is now
boasting he's the greatest Black Pill in American
The Trump Boast-O-Matic is easily inflated and is
appropriate for any and all occasions.
'Lowest of the Low' Says Teacher 'Ought to Go to Hell'

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kellyanne Conway Sez: “But look, Americans are their 
own fact checkers.” (Uh, the folks at PolitiFact are 
Americans, too.)
"Hello, Great White Hope, this is the Great
Black Hope."
Actually, Junior is what you would call Off-White.
"Rump? As they say, Junior, your name is your destiny."
Old sexual predators never die. 
They just tank in the ratings.
'New-nes', 'Noon-yez', 'Noon-yes','Noons', or 'Nyoon-yez'? 
Regardless of how you pronounce 'Nunes', it sounds 
like 'Treason'.
Hatchethead Gowdy Not Seeking Re-Election; 
Benghazi Investigation Orphaned
"So, when did you decide, President Putin, that you
prefer to eat your political opponents raw rather than
Trump Summarizes His SOTU
Speaker Ryan Presses the Snooze Button
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #166
Trump Gives the White Power Salute at SOTU As
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan Applaud
Warm Scuzzies #767
Brenda Fitzgerald
Suzann Pettersen played golf with Trump only for
the exercise.
“I think Nancy Pelosi should smile 
a lot more often.” 
Move Over, Orin Scrivello!
"Is that Ray Charles?"
"No, it's Trump delivering the SOTU."

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"Congressman Gosar, you're under arrest!"
"What for?"
"Because such an absurd animal as you should 
never have been allowed to cumber the Earth."
Trump Sez: "I will consider it a great achievement if 
I could make the country united under the Putin flag."
Of the FBI, Paul Ryan says, “Let it all out, get it all
 out there. Cleanse the organization." This should
do the trick.
Courtland Sykes Wants to Know

Only 200,000 Left in Stock