Thursday, June 04, 2009

Although he watched over 30 bands perform at
Summer Camp, that experience only whetted
Fearguth's appetite for more. He'll be enjoying
the music at Wakarusa through June 7 and will
return online June 8.
I Remember Dubya #22
When Dubya tried to be funny, he wasn't. When he
tried not to be, he was.
Pie Chart Showing That 99.79% of All Rightist
Rhetoric about 'Socialist America' Is Bullshit

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mr. Tapper

Ms. Tapper
World's Worst Jobs #96
Manilan Charcoal Maker
"What's that?"
"Oh, it's just some more of Rush Limbaugh's
Red Meat for the Right ."
"Why the gloves and mask?"
"It's from one of his Mad Cows."
World's Worst Yobs #101
Andrew Ross Sorkin
Breaking with the tradition established by his predecessor,
President Obama shook King Abdullah's hand and
squeezed his elbow. Both men seem relieved that all
the hand-holding and kissy-kissy stuff had been
omitted from the official greeting and photo op.
He knows it's awfully early, but Wubbzy's ready
to party. In fact, he's always ready to party.
Two-Minute Haters #4
Pamela Geller

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Pygmy Jerboa is one of the world's
cutest, most loveable animals

until you automate it.
Bloody Kansan
They sure don't make King Kongs

the way they used to.
Former Canadian Ambassador to the United States
Frank McKenna Uses the 'Comfy Chair' Enhanced
Interrogation Technique to Coerce Two Former
U. S. Presidents into Telling the Truth about Why
Presidents Lie
"I know I left home without it, but it
wasn't my credit card. God, if I could
only remember what it was!"
Here in America, we would call the new
Del Monte Daniel-Craig-on-a-Stick a
'Popsicle'. In England, they would call
it an 'Ice Lolly'. Regardless of what you
call it, if you want to lick his Abs of
Steel, you must first grip Daniel's
woody tightly.

Vatican Laments Drop in Confessions, May Opt for
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Subliminal Advertising a Phallusy, Study Shows
Two-Minute Haters #3
Bill O'Reilly

Monday, June 01, 2009

At the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita,
Kansas, on Sunday, who at the door was knocking?
If what Charles Erwin Wilson, former CEO of General
Motors, said in 1953 were still true today---viz., "What's
good for General Motors is good for the country"---
America's goose would be, as some say, cooked.

Too bad Roger Bonham Smith, former Chairman and CEO of
General Motors, died in 2007 at age 82. He probably would
have really enjoyed finally meeting Michael Moore on the
day GM, formerly the most humongous corporation in the
entire known universe, declared bankruptcy.
Humbled GM Execs Prostrate Themselves,
File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Would anyone be in favor of having Jack Bauer
waterboard Randall Terry until he confesses
that Bill O'Reilly and Scott Roeder conspired
to murder George Tiller?
Classics Illustrated Poster Woman
Two-Minute Haters #2
Newt Gingrich
Two-Minute Haters #1
Pat Buchanan
Karate Kid wannabe Marcus Epstein is half Korean and
half Jewish. Nonetheless, he is strongly predisposed
against immigrants and minorities. Not surprisingly,
he works for both Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan,
two of the highest-profile xenophobes and racists in
the land. No wonder Marcus uses the N-word freely
on the streets of Washington, DC, and would deport
Mr. Miyagi back to Okinawa, if he hadn't died in 2005.
Sure! Tell us another one!
Artist's Rendition of the General-Purpose,
Cold-Forged Wingnut
If words could kill, Bill O'Reilly assassinated
George Tiller a long time ago.
Have you ever wondered why leftists are falling so far
behind rightists in perpetrating acts of terror against
the people of the United States?
What Was Riding on Scott Roeder's Bumper as He
Sped Away from the Crime Scene

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What do you get when you baptize a Senator in Nebraska,
(which means, 'flat water')? You get someone like Ben
Nelson, who got just wet enough to claim he's a mainstream
Democrat, but not wet enough to muss his Republican car
dealer hair-do.
Man Holds Giant Butterfly Hostage Until a Licensed
Nail Technician Gives Him a Gentleman's Manicure
Flag Desecration #18
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #43
Joseph Farah
World's Worst Yobs #100
Jonathan Chait
The Long Arm of the Lawless
Fearguth's Rules of Order #28
Be advised that if you try to prove that 2+2=5 to
a leaf insect, it will just sit there, looking leafy.