Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Tom 'Mr. Dweeby' Cotton Sez:  “The CDC is a thoroughly 
politicized agency, and their school reopening advice 
should be disregarded.”

Behind the Masks

Like Trump, Smilin' Jack had been de-platformed.

Conehead Evolution

"Warmonger Liz Cheney!
Gutless and Clueless MINORITY Leader 
Mitch McConnell!"

Jimmy and Rosalynn in the Land of the Giants

Trump pushes Facebook button.  Nothing happens.

The Evolution of Recycling

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

In lieu of Facebook and Twitter, Trump now has 
his very own online clickable desktop.

"Kevin McCarthy has a headache THIS BIG,
and it’s got Liz Cheney written all over it.”

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #217
The Peddler of Lies

Remember Crossfire?

Warm Scuzzies #1,040
Brad Karren

It Takes Two Hands to Handle an
Irate Baby Boomer

That Shop in Weatherford, Texas Where the
Lone Ranger Is Not Welcome

GOP Mascot Re-Enacting Immortal Monty Python Sketch

"He says his job is to cancel Cancel Culture."

Bigly Wigly Sez:  "The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 
2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!"

Monday, May 03, 2021

Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be teachers
like Howard Zlotkin.

'Big Shot Whoremonger' Calls Liz Cheney
'Big Shot Warmonger'

After 27 years, Bill and Melinda Gates
had a meeting of minds.

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #884
Martha Huckabay

New York Post Headline Writer Wins Rupert Murdoch 
Prize for Absurdist Alliteration

Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #883
George Leef

Radar Man from the Moon believes 'vaccine hesitancy' is
God's way of thinning the human herd.

At 94, Benedict is the world's oldest living McPope.

In 1953, kids didn't have smartphones, but they did have
3D comic books.

Michele Bachmann Sez:  “This is a fake State of the Union 
speech.  What we’re watching is a coup. It’s my opinion 
that the election was irregular, we didn’t have a true 
election result. We had a fake election. We’ve had a fake 
presidency.  With all due respect, it was the invasion
 of the zombie apocalypse, as far as I’m concerned.

Scrunched-Faced Fear Baboon

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Newsmax the Flying Squirrel Suffers Retraction

Fembot Sez:  “I think I speak for many people in that Trump 
has never actually been wrong, and so we’ve learned to trust
 when he says something, that he’s not just going to spew 
something out there that’s wrong and not verified.”

Animatronic Trump Malfunctions, Can No Longer
Believe Its Own Lies

Flag Desecration #126

Eastern Mole says he wants to be a 'lifestyle influencer' 
when he grows up.

Sixty-four percent of Americans now believe the glass
is half full, not half empty.

20 Mule Team Barrasso

On the Road with Joe 'Born to Be Wild' Manchin 
and His Sidekick, Donald 'Clown Car' Trump

Two-Gun Pete's wife was a heavy smoker.

Mormon Commies Are the Worst

Ted Cruz, Champion of the Blue-Collar Worker,
Spotted with Spouse at Kentucky Derby