Saturday, July 01, 2017

Vulgar Talking Yam Who Won't Release His Tax Returns
 Holding Krusher Kobach Hostage Until You Give Him 
Your Private Voter Information
It's All Surreality Television, Folks!
The Face That Launched a Thousand Quips
"Excuse me a moment while I read my palms."
"Damn, you looking hot! Work it, girl!"
"If we add my charm to your wit, Mike, there's really 
nothing to stop us from denying health insurance to 
millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions."
The Unexpurgated Bible #148
"When Alex Jones, a man covered with globalists, saw Jesus, 
he fell on his face, beseeching him, 'Lord, if thou wilt, thou 
canst make me clean'."

Friday, June 30, 2017

National Enquirer Reveals Trump's Secret Life
as a Teletubby
Trump Calls for 20% Tariff on Imported Underage Booty
"OK, Trumpniks, who ordered the Supersize Bucket of
heavy elephant dung?"
Trump Palpates Prime Minister Modi in Search of
Any Thoracic Abnormalities
Was it Homer's Odyssey or the Beverly
Dana Loesch, the NRA's Clenched Face of Truth
"And that's when I grabbed Mika's bleeding facelift
and crushed it in my mighty fist!"
The Trumpeleon's tongue is extremely fast and long.
"Wanna see how far I can flick this booger?"
It's true: Trump has been on more fake
Time magazine covers than anyone else
in history.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"If you think my tweet was beneath the Office of 
the President, Senator Graham, I guess I'll have to
 lower the office a bit further."
Pence to Replace His Chief of Staff; Simon the Sorcerer 
Wants to Know What He Did Wrong
We Will Have So Much Winning That You 
May Get Bored With Winning
The next time Trump goes on Twitter, would someone
please bring him a bucket?
The Hot Dogma of the Immaculate Deception
Rex Tillerson Explodes at White House Aide,
Natural Gas Leak Blamed

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rise Above the Rest with
GOP Hot Air Balloon Rides
The Unexpurgated Bible #147
"When he saw Trump's golden pompadour, Moses' 
anger waxed hot, and he cast the tablet of stone 
out of his hands and brake it."
How can you tell this is a fake Time
magazine cover?
Scott Pruitt Sez: "Meaningful science has proved that
M&Ms do melt in your hands."
King Kong Reenactor Climbing
Replica of Trump Tower Made
from 65,000 Legos
Perry Calls for 'Intellectual Conversation on Breast Massage'
Tablet of Stone, Inscribed by the Finger of God,
Installed on Arkansas State Capitol Grounds
Their Minds Were on the Blink
'Trump Golf Clubs Asked to Take Down Fake 
Time Covers'
Sarah Palin Sues New York Times for $75,000 for 
Defamation of What's Left of Her Character
One of these is a Chimpanzee and the other is a Trumpanzee. 
Can you tell which is which?
"I can tell from the look on your face, Senator McConnell,
that you're one of those who believes this is the best of all
possible worlds."

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where Shall We Put This Wagonload of
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Busts?
Essential Summertime Reading
Senate GOP Leadership Laughs Off Fact That 2.43 Million 
Texans Will Lose Health Insurance Under Proposed Plan
Senator McConnell Removes Mask, Pushes Off 
Health Care Vote Until After July 4
The Shriner from the Black Lagoon is #1 on Alex Jones' 
list of the Scariest Masonic Movies of All Time.
"This the GOP
"This is the GOP Repeal and Replace Altar.  The health care
 of 22 million Americans will be sacrificed on it."
It made Ted Cruz sad that the Senate's health bill
 would leave only 22 million Americans uninsured.
He had been hoping for 30 million.
"The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is one of my house
pets. It has nasty, big, pointy teeth."
Doctors Without Neck Tattoos™

Monday, June 26, 2017

Revival of 'Hair Battle Spectacular' Rumored
Alt-Right Demonstrators Flash Sign of the Three-Eared
Booger Flicker
Now Hanging on the Wall in All 35 White House Bathrooms
Dweebs, Dorks, and Doofuses #95
Steve Mnuchin
Ivanka Trump Sez:  "I try to stay out of politics and
footwear litigation."
Will America replace Obamacare with