Saturday, June 01, 2019

Like the Boll Weevil, Steve Bannon is 
looking for a home.
Out of the Basket of Deplorables,
Into a Federal Prison
The Potrzebie Prize #32
Arthur Laffer Receives Plaudits for 
Converting the Presidential Medal
of Freedom Into a Crackerjack Toy
If you can cough and spit at the same time,
you can learn to speak German.
Maybe Trump will be adopted by the Royal Family
 and move to England.
Adventures in Aestheticism #190
Smelly Brown Conspiracy
Trumpkin Pis

Friday, May 31, 2019

All-Day Trumpsuckers
So, freedom of speech has now come to mean,
for Fox News and Laura Ingraham, that a
private company, like Facebook, must permit
anyone who uses their free service to say
 anything they wish, even if, as in Paul
Nehlen's case, it's virulently anti-semitic.
Jordan Hart is one of the dullest implements in the pro-life
Kim Jong-un doesn't call it 'execution';
he calls it 'denuclearization'.
Who gives the white power salute better:  Anders
Breivik or Donald Trump?
Join the Guacamole Rebellion and Dump Trump!
Don't forget to remove the seed of that Mexican
 avocado you paid 25% more for because of 
Trump's tariffs.
Call it a tax and many Texans will shout, "No New Taxes!" 
Call it a tariff and many Texans will chant, "Make America
 Great Again!"
Trump Administration Makes It Easier to Be Cheesier
Like homeless people, Internet trolls live 
under the bridge over which we pass 
as we saunter along the Information 
Cheek to Cheek
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte claims he was 
once gay but 'cured' himself of homosexuality by 
becoming a homicidal maniac.
Talk of 'Freedom Gas' Spreads to the Caribbean
World's Worst Yobs #410
Sohrab Ahmari
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #770
Mark Zimmerman
Laura Ingraham Defends the Hateful 8

Trump's Pet Amphibian

Thursday, May 30, 2019

“Roy Cohn was the polestar of human evil.  
The worst human being who ever lived … 
the most evil, twisted, vicious bastard ever to
 snort coke at Studio 54.”
Trump Reduces Lag Time Between Contradictory Statements 
and Policy Reversals to One Hour
Whiteworld #79
Some dead men, like Thomas Hofeller,
tell tales.
On the Runway with Sarah Huckabee Sanders
During Fashion Week
Next time you fart, just say, "Hey, I just
exported some freedom gas!"
Mark Menezes, Undersecretary of Energy in the
Trump Administration, Sez:  "Increasing export
 capacity ... [of liquified natural gas] is critical to
 spreading freedom gas throughout the world."
Steven Winberg, the Assistant Secretary for 
Fossil Energy in the Trump Administration,
thinks liquefied natural gas is made up
of 'molecules of U.S. freedom' which
we proudly export to the world.
Think of it:  Trump could commit murder and not be
indicted so long as he keeps sitting in the Oval Office.
When Miss Telephony Met Robocaller
Imagine a Chihuahua nipping at the heels of
a Great Dane.  That would be Ghouliani
trashing Robert Mueller.
Is Trump suggesting the Constitution of the United
States contains obscene language?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The White House asked the US Navy to conduct
the Philadelphia Experiment last week whereby the 
USS John McCain was rendered invisible during 
Trump’s visit to Japan.
It's because Paul Gosar's ideological bedfellows
 are White Nationalists, White Supremacists, 
Racists, Anti-Semites and NeoNazis.
Warm Scuzzies #872
Michael Williams
The very fact that Boris Johnson is the 'favorite' 
for British prime minister is all you need to know about
 how far Great Britain has descended to the level of the 
United States.
Make Assholes Great Again
"If we had had confidence that the president clearly 
did not commit a crime, we would have said so."
Scott Lloyd Latest Incompetent Trumpnik Refugee
from the Trump Administration
"No, it's not yet safe to come out.
Trump is still in the White House."
As chief executive officer of Trump's 2016 presidential
 campaign and chief strategist in the Trump Administration 
(until August 2017), Steve Bannon knows Trump is like
a used Trojan, i. e., a pretty ordinary scumbag.
The problem with Kim Trump-un's Biden insults is not that 
they are insulting; it's that they are so junior high.
A half mile of border fence near El Paso that cost 
$8 million to build has successfully blocked three 
Caterpillars from infesting Mexico.
Mark Morgan, Acting Director of ICE, has a
nose-and-eyeglasses engineering problem.
How Mark Lindblom did it remains a state secret, which 
even Bill Barr is powerless to declassify.
Adventures in Aestheticism #189