Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where's Fearguth? If you can spot him in this group portrait
of the August meeting of the Dallas County Lepidopterist
Society, you have better eyesight than most butterflies do.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice doesn't look down at
her inferiors. No, she only looks up to her superiors, like

President Bush and

Man Suffering From Patriotic Pigmentosis
Optimists say Jean Claude Gaudin's head is half full.
Pessimists say it is half empty.
What would you say?
Together, John and Joe concocted many fairy tales.
They weren't called the Brothers Grim for nothing.
Wildlife Tip #4
Where Butterflies Go When They Migrate
Kinney Shoes Right Before the Company Folded

Black Prince

White Prince
Iran Begins Deployment of Its Ballistic Missile Shield
Live from Caesar's Palace, it's Bobby Flay's
Throwdown! This week, Bobby challenges
Masahara Morimoto to see who can build the
world's biggest green salad from a can of potted
meat, a loaf of day-old bread, and a lock of Alton
Brown's hair.
Headless Gymnast Surprise Winner of
USA Jump Rope Competition
Why There Are Atheists

Say what you will about Ann Coulter's brain. But there
is only one word that accurately describes the design
of her body, and that word is: 'unintelligent'.

Friday, October 05, 2007

"On this, Ann Coulter and I agree: women are so stupid
they shouldn't be allowed to vote."

"Mr. Hannity, a prominent blogger for Pajamas Media says you
and your ilk are 'a bunch of bedwetting, loudmouth, corrupt,
hypocritical, and incompetent boobs with a mean streak a mile
long and no sense of fair play or proportion.' Would you care
to comment on that?"
“Why do we wear flag pins on our lapels?" Sean Hannity asks.
"Because our country is under attack!”

So, where's his?

"Oh yes, I'm the Great Reneger
Just laughing and gay like a clown."
"Yes, I am a Dog of War. But, quite frankly,
I would prefer to stay on my leash."

GOP Denies RNC Logo Modelled On
Idaho Senator Larry 'Wide Stance' Craig

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ismail Haniyeh Doing His Playboy Rabbit Shadow Show
Here's how Grover Norquist posed shortly before 
he drowned in the bathtub along with his dream of 
small government during the Bush Administration.
Museum Patron Admiring Artwork Entitled,
'Bush, Congress Hit New Lows in AP Poll'

Air Guitarist Stryker Strecker

Air Press Secretary Dana Perino

NBRA Annual Convention to Be Held in Alan Keyes' Kitchen
Pallbearers Carrying Casket of Marine to Be
Buried in the Tomb of the Invisible Soldier

As far as she could see, everything was coming up daisies.
"Beg pardon, Helen. We don't torture people.
We just torture truth."


Jeri Kehn and Her Trophy Husband

Burma's Military Junta Cites Legal Opinions of
Alberto Gonzales to Justify Crackdown on Protesters

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"I hear there are all kinds of nuts in Iran, Mr. President.
So just give the order, and I'll be the first to crack'em!"
"Maybe someday," Spider-Man thought, "I won't have to
wear this ridiculous costume and hyphenate my name.
One can only hope."
Senator Pete Domenici Announces Retirement,
Agrees to Become New Mexico's 11th National Monument
As an oldtimer of a previous generation would have said
had he seen this picture of Gordon Brown picking his
nose, "That slicker musta got aholt of a sheep's leg!"
"Oh yes, arguments have been advanced for millennia 
attempting to persuade us to get up off our butts and 
do something useful.  But the counterarguments in favor 
of sitting around all day and shooting the shit have always 
been much more persuasive."
A Mud Fence

Uglier Than a Mud Fence
If Ann Coulter Were a Cat

If Rush Limbaugh Were a Dog

Despite strong objections from the native rodents,
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling for
the exile of Rush Limbaugh to Rat Island.
Blackwater Valet Services says,
"Come Park with Us!"

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It was becoming increasingly obvious that modern Mexico's
attempt to build a giant pyramid out of marijuana blocks
reflected a basic misunderstanding of ancient Egypt's
architectural ideas.
Good Spellers Finally Get Justice; Knicks Coach
Nicked for $11.6 Million for Misspelling Isaiah