Saturday, March 10, 2018

At 56, David Brooks thinks and writes like the World's 
Oldest Man with gallstones the size of hen's eggs.
Warm Scuzzies #783
Nick Miccarelli

Friday, March 09, 2018

So long as he was a strong leader with the right policies,
Satan knew Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress
had his  back.
If Kidney Stones Are Left Untreated
Something's Rotten at the EPA
For Globalists Who Think Small
Jeff Sessions Serves Up Some Alabama Moonshine
David Brooks's favorite vacation destination is the
Geographic Center of the U. S., two miles northwest 
of Lebanon, Kansas (population 203).
Rockin' with Big Head Geert and the
Geert Wilders, World Leader in the
Body Trade
Cat Ba Leopard Gecko Excited by Upcoming Meeting
 Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Motto of the Trump White House HR Department
It's World Pyrrhic Victory Day!
That Certain Goldman-Sachs Smile
Dave Grossman Sez: “What do we fight violent video games
 with? Superior violence. Righteous violence!”
Now that Trump is furious with Sarah,
will he reveal that his secret nickname
for her is 'Beavis'?
Kellyanne's life had a tendency to fall apart when
 she was awake.
'Pretty Awesome' Robert Tracinski Scolds Those
'Annoying Parkland Kids'
Peeping Pam Glasses Popular in Venice
Ghastly Monsters and Blond Giants #192
George Zimmerman and Chuck Johnson
Warm Scuzzies #782
George Gallagher
A rumor from the Alt-Right has it that it's no longer 
cool to call Christina Hoff Sommers 'Based Mom'. 
So sad.
World's Worst Yoobs #195 
Bari Weiss
David Clarke, 'Thick as a Brick' Salesman Selling
'Another Brick in the Wall'
Metaphor Mixology #14
William Haupt III Sez: "This will nail the coffin shut
 on the goose that laid the golden egg."
Curly was positive about the negative aspects of NAFTA, 
but a little negative about the positive aspects.
Most of the time, Florida is shaped like a flaccid penis.
Wake up, Curly! You're on TV!
This is my rifle, this is my gun.
One is for killing, one is for fun.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Stereo Ear Trumpet for the Extremely Hard of Hearing
Will Trump's science adviser be
the next to go?
Trump Has an Epiphany
Pepe the Frog Sues Alex Jones
for Poster Showing Him in the
Company of Trump and His
"Conserative 'Felito' wanted to fit in, so he changed his
 name to 'Ted' and hid it with a grin."
Court Filing Strongly Suggests Trump Sent 'Dick Pics'
to Stormy Daniels
Why Trump Hasn't Proposed a Tariff on Zombie Imports
Roy Cohn enjoyed talking to himself almost as much as
he enjoyed driving his Bentley.
The Check Is in the Mail
Back Talk

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

It's Better to Be Infamous Than Never to Be Famous at All
Guys, It Does Not Get Any Better Than This
Adventures in Aestheticism #7
"So, Kellyanne Conway violated the Booby Hatch Act,
eh? Well, that really pisses me off!"
"Hey, what's this booby doing in my hatch?"
"Kellyanne Conway violated the Nuthatch Act?"
Panama Wins Naming Rights to Hotel Once Associated
with Notorious Norteamericano
They Were in the Air. 
Then Came the Screams of 'I Am God'. 
The Day of the Parousia Had Finally Arrived.
Andrew Napolitano Sez: "I apply my hair each morning 
with a Graco Reactor A-25 Foam Insulation Sprayer."
The Guy Who Plays the Theme Song for the 
Trump Administration, the World's Most-
Watched Reality TV Show
World's Worst Yoobs #194
Mairead McArdle