Saturday, May 07, 2016

Big Bigots, Little Bigots #81
Roy Moore
Warm Scuzzies #588
Farm News
"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the 
Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking 
whom he may devour." [I Peter 5:8]
House Republicans are calling for the complete elimination 
of the IRS. It will be replaced by a new, smaller, more 
accountable department to be called the 'Internal 
Tithing Service', whose motto shall be, '10% Minimum---
Anything Less Is an Ungenerous Response to God and 
Will Be Punished with Eternal Damnation'.
Boaty McBoatface

Trumpy McTrumpface
It Came from Beneath Taco Bell
Bob Dole Endorses Donald Trump, Says His Sexual
 Economy Needed a Stimulus
"I'm not a Republican for a party or a person. 
I'm now a registered Weimaraner."

Friday, May 06, 2016

Rick Perry Learns to Live with Cancer
Uh-oh, Mom unwisely ignored the warning of Anthony 
Senecal, Trump's butler: "Stay away if he’s wearing 
a red cap!"
Trump Campaign Adopts New Slogan
Trump Campaign Adopts 'Ramble On' as New Theme Song
"So what if I interrupt myself while I'm talking!
Who cares?"
Hey, the GOP has a new mascot!
Rescue Me! ― Adopt Dogs, Cats, Aliens & More

Thursday, May 05, 2016

"Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are 
made right here in Taco Hell.  I love beaners!"
Ken Shupe Sez:  “Something came over me, I think the Lord 
came to me, and He just said, ‘Fuck that socialist! Get in the
 truck and leave!'.”
[Only in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.]
The Unexpurgated Bible #135
"A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, 
and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his 
raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving 
him half dead. And by chance Ken Shupe came 
down that way: and when he saw him, he passed
 by on the other side."
Trump Campaign Hires Ben Carson to Head VP Selection 
Committee; Carson Performs the Cheney Maneuver and 
Selects Himself
Bad Spellers of the World UNTIE! #174

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

"John Kasich was one of the best right-wingers I've 
ever eaten!"
"Hello, Barbie, let me speak to Ken."
Relax, America!  Donald Trump has chosen Dwayne 
Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho to be his 
running mate!
Carly Fiorina Sacked After Only One Week as 
Ted Cruz's Suicide Assistant
Reagan Feels a Disturbance in the Force
And with a right elbow to his wife's face, Ted Cruz
rang down the curtain on his race for the GOP
presidential nomination.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cruz the Lachrymose
Trump Claims Ted Cruz's Dad Hung Out with Oswald
the Lucky Rabbit in New Orleans in 1963
Washington Lobbyist Scolds Conservatives for Attacking
Trump, Claiming They Are Biased "Against
Democracy and the Will of the People"
Most people don't know Michele Fiore is

Wonder-Warthog's sister.
Vichy Republicans Falling in Line Behind 
Der Trumpenführer
Conservative Group 'Testing' Target by Sending Men to 
Women's Bathrooms Sued for Discrimination by Failing 
to Send Women to Men's Bathrooms
Bull Schmidt Spotted at Further Future

Monday, May 02, 2016

Peggy Noonan Tells a Fish Story
Is this Donald Trump impersonating Keith Ablow,
or vice versa?
Jon Huntsman, Formerly of Wizard, Forms New 
Donald Trump Tribute Band
Carly Fiorina Re-Enacts Andrew Sullivan's Latest Piece in 
New York Magazine by Falling Off Stage
Frau Blücher Celebrating Her 90th Birthday
Handy Tools
CIA Director Says 9/11 '28 Pages' Should Stay
in Vault
World's Worst Yobs #355
Michael Grunwald
Bob Hall (R-TX) Keeping a Sharp Eye Out for EMPs
Truth in Advertising #9
Nine Out of Ten Doctors Agree

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Del Taco Manager Fired for Being More
Dreadful Than the Food
Rumor has it that Ted Cruz has sold more merch
on the campaign trail than all the other candidates
As in that popular TV show of the 1950s, Ted Cruz is
'caught in the jaws of the vise'.