Thursday, December 31, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein is alive and living in
Lin Wood's head.

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood is now claiming Supreme 
Court Chief Justice John Roberts was somehow involved 
in Justice Antonin Scalia’s death and part of a child-sex cult.

The Incredible Shrinking MAGA Man

Florida Governor Reacts to Sniffing His Own Upper Lip

When she removes her COVID mask, most people 
don't recognize Mona Lisa.

Forensic Artist Renders Drawing of
Zombie Benedict Arnold

The Nashville bomber may have subscribed to the conspiracy 
theory that many of the world’s most powerful figures are 
actually evil, lizard-like extraterrestrials in disguise.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Trump is such a show-off!

What to Drink While You Wait for
Operation Warp Speed

And they haven't even installed the 
razor wire yet.

Have you seen Josh Hawley's new hat?

The Improbable Burger I eat immediately.  
The Impossible Burger takes a little longer.

What really happened over at the Van Gogh place 
wasn't nearly as romantic as the legend has it.  
You see, a pandemic was underway and Vincent
decided to cut his own hair.

Michelle Malkin Sez: "Dan Crenshaw is a globalist 
John McCain in an eyepatch who loves to party hardy 
while our country burns."  Don't you just love it 
when wingnuts talk dirty to each other?

"Sarcastically eviscerating the leftist arguments and lies 
like a political fruit ninja:"  thus spake one happy
reader of Kurt Schlichter's book.  What more need
be said.

Guess who the 'Most Admired Man' of 2020 admires most.

Twilight of the Trump Temper Tantrum

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Geraldo Rivera Pleads With Trump to ‘Reject the Crackpots’ 
and Exit With ‘Dignity and Grace’

Vaccine Distribution Is The States’ Problem, Not Mine!

Because the chicken had always said it would 
cross that road when it came to it.  Or was it 
that bridge?  The chicken could never remember.

An International Favorite Since 1954

Kentucky Fried Famine

Marco Rubio Continues His Transformation Into
(Gasp!) The Mask

Young Prospector Sets His Sights on the Mother Lode

Ugly Mug Mugshot Mug

Epoch means 'a period of time'.  So The Epoch Times
means 'The Period of Time Times'.  Typical
rightwing genius.

Dweebs, Dorks, and Doofuses #124
Josh Hawley

Monday, December 28, 2020

Trumpert Rubberface Bails

Fishing for Fur-Bearing Trout at the Last Gasp Resort

Energeezer Bunny Can No Longer Hold a Charge

If the insanity were stopped, not just Trump would
go away.  So would the New York Post.

Trump Morphing Into a Lobby Card for 
Woody Allen's Shadows and Fog

Trump supporters believe that the Nashville 
explosion was actually a missile strike aimed at 
destroying Dominion voting machines that 
were being audited inside the AT&T building.

Trump Can 'Feel His Power Draining Away Hour by Hour'

Pretty soon, choosing a COVID-19 vaccine will be 
like ordering a coffee at Starbucks.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

5G Paranoia in the Flesh

Hand-Knitted Knight Hat for Men with
Roman Noses

Dr. Fauci Warns About a Post-Christmas Surge, 
Wrapped in a Surge, Inside Another Surge

This cat doesn't seem to be worried about the future of the
Republican Party.

Etymologically, 'inauguration' is derived from the Latin, 
'inaugurare', which meant 'to take omens from the flight 
of birds'. So get your tickets now for the Trump 2021 
Magical Inauguration Bus!

Hey, Facebook!  We really could use a
Punch-a-Nazi emoji.

Pope Proclaims 2021 'Year of Rabbit-Tiger Hybrids'

Rachel Campos-Duffy Flunks Stress Test

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Artwork By an Epigone of Jon McNaughton

Little Puppy Feels Neglected

Don't Let the Cat In

Elitist Snobs in the Fashion Press Snub Most 
Elegant First Lady in American History

Where's My Christmas Tamales?

Boxing Day 2020

Trump's Boxing Day Twitter Frenzy