Saturday, November 29, 2008

“I came to Washington with a set of values,
and I’m leaving with the same set of values,”
says President Bush. GIGO, in other words:
Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Little Filipino Girl Worried She Might
Grow Up to Be Like Michelle Malkin
And most of us didn't even know
it had been gone.


A Tokyo Rose for Our Time
What to Wear When You Go
Bargain Hunting at Wal-Mart

Friday, November 28, 2008

The First Warning Sign of Christmas
Tour de Poteau Téléphonique
Gravesite of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Spratt

It's difficult to hypnotize a policeman in riot gear,
but not impossible.
World's Worst Yobs #62
Victor Davis Hanson
Lordy, Lordi!
Dweevil the Chihuahua always put on
the dog for Black Friday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Only Mink That Survived the Claire Booth Luce
Policy Institute Conservative Women Calendar
Will America's most unpopular turkey
decide to pardon himself?
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Feast!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This time around the wheel of life, the Buddha
has opted for the early Wavy Gravy look.
Pisco Kid and Poncho
Obama Wants to Keep BlackBerry So He Can Keep
Grover Norquist Up-to-Date on Tax Reform
Thank You, Sarah Palin, for Helping
Us Defeat John McCain
When Grover Norquist claimed the world financial crisis was
caused by a fear of tax increases in 2010, the reaction of
logicians was dramatic.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grandchild of Japanese Emperor Arrested
for 'Breaking Divine Wind'
Would someone please tell this applicant for a position
in the Obama Administration that he has way too much
baggage to ever make it through the vetting process?
In order to avoid freezer burn, Mark Halperin had to read
responses to his latest media bias seizure ten feet away from
the screen of his Apple computer.
Displaced Congolese Woman Indifferent to Outcome
of Coleman/Franken Recount Process in Minnesota;
Claims She Has Never Heard of Nate Silver
In withdrawing his name from consideration as head
of the CIA, John Brennan wrote: "The fact that I was
not involved in the decisionmaking process for any
of these controversial policies and actions has been
ignored." Isn't this the same argument Adolf Eichmann
made when he was on trial in Jerusalem for war crimes?
Leggy Reactionary Breaks Jaw While
Skinning Mink with Her Bare Teeth
Without photographs, Bildungblog would be
much the poorer. So, Fearguth is delighted
to give credit to Chad the Elder at Fraters
Libertas for capturing the essence of

the Hindrocketeer on film.
Katon Dawson Cancels Membership in
Whites-Only Country Club to Run for
Chairmanship of Whites-Only
Political Party
Search Underway to Find Term of Contempt
Adequate to Capture the Essence of Dick Morris
Drudge Report Funnies #22
"Judge sentences noise violator to listen
to Barry Manilow..."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it an accident or a sign of Divine Providence that the
first three letters of Joe Lieberman's last name are L-I-E?
The tank commander was beginning to have his
doubts that the driver really knew how to use the
Penthouse Road Atlas.
Judge Grants Divorce to Alan Colmes from Sean
Hannity on the Grounds of Irreconcilable Imbecility
There is a difference between hitting the ground running
and just hitting the ground.
GM Ends Nine-Year Endorsement Deal with Tiger
Woods; World's Greatest Golfer and Latest Victim
of Global Recession Throws Hissy Fit
If you could take a photograph of the shape the world
economy is in today, it would probably look like this
face of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director
of the International Monetary Fund.
There ought to be a law which prohibits anyone who is
afraid of cows and horses, like George W. Bush, from
wearing a Stetson hat.
It would be easier to prove that God exists than
to prove that $2.8 trillion exists for all the
government bailouts now underway.
Old Record for Boardinghouse Reach Smashed
Look into the face of U. S. Attorney Mary Beth
Buchanan and you may be reminded of a line
from Camus: "There are crimes of passion and
crimes of logic."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Matt Drudge is concerned lest Barack Obama sully his
'green' image by riding around in a gas-guzzling limo.
Here's the vehicle he thinks our President-elect should
be using instead.
On his Time magazine blog, The Page, last February,
Mark Halperin sketched out 16 tactics the "savvy,
experienced operatives" in the McCain campaign
could use "to try to beat Obama." Well, McCain
and his forces took Mark's suggestions to heart
and tried them all at one time or another until
Election Day. Alas, not one of them worked. Now
Mr. Halperin is saying he's disgusted with the
"extreme bias" and "extreme pro-Obama coverage"
of the media. It's enough to make one think of Mark
as the Joe Lieberman of the press corps.
World's Worst Yoobs #30
Helen Smith
Nude Pics in Naked Cowboy's Phone Lost
at McDonald's Get Online
Execrable (ék-si-krə-bəl) adj. 1. deserving to be
execrated; detestable. 2. very bad; wretched
[Saxby Chambliss is an execrable politician].
Fearguth's Rules of Order #19
Don't ask a monkey if it is drinking orange juice on
an empty stomach.