Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some had doubted Minnie Driver had
thighs. But they doubt no more.
Still Life with Peacekeeper and Big Apple
It was love at first sight.

Protesters in Mexico City Preparing to Make a
Statement About the Rising Cost of Frijoles

Right-Wing Bloggers Waiting to Get Their Talking Points
and Marching Orders
Saint Mitch of the Kaintucks
Cpl. Matt Sanchez and Ann Coulter to Join Forces;
Purchase Rights to Domain, MediaWhoresOnline.Com

Friday, March 09, 2007

Construction of the Dick Cheney Monument is reportedly
ahead of schedule and under budget.

Who woulda thunk the German Chancellor had
a license to kill?
Angela Merkel had this strange feeling she was
being watched.

In the Gaza Strip, they don't throw people under
the bus. They throw them on top of the bus.
"Why, yes, I was having an extramarital affair as I led
the charge against President Clinton over the Monica
Lewinsky scandal. Does that make me a hypocrite? Of
course not, because I didn't bother to tell you until
now, and the statute of limitations has run out."
Gyudon-Eating Contestant Laughs at the Danger
of Mad Cow Disease

Thursday, March 08, 2007

When Michelle Malkin had her picture taken with Cpl.
Matt Sanchez, she didn't know he had been a gay porn
star and male prostitute. Now that she knows, she
writes, "Cpl. Sanchez, it was an honor to meet you and a
privilege to know you." Oh, those wacky conservatives!
Their entertainment value is so misunderestimated.
The chief of the Israeli police resigns after a corruption
investigation.  Israel’s military chief of staff resigns 
because of the Lebanon war fiasco. Israel’s minister of
justice is convicted of sexual assault.  Israel’s president
 resigns following charges of rape and sexual misconduct. 
Israel’s tax authority resigns because of corruption 
charges. Several other corruption investigations
are still pending, including two or three focused
 on Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, who is 
reportedly suffering from Excedrin Headache #18.
"There's part of me -- a sick part of me -- that would just love to
see Glenn Beck related in DNA to both Al Sharpton and Strom
George and Pete,
Partyin' Peeps

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) is a large species of cichlid,
native to rivers in Venezuela. Here you see the smoked variety,
served at this year's Academy Awards ceremony.
Fred Hiatt is the editorial page editor of the
Washington Post. This means he has opinions on
everything under the sun and he expects everyone
to take them very seriously. When they don't, Fred
gets this mournful look, as you see here.
Ann Coulter As Seen by Her Friends

Ann Coulter As Seen by Her Enemies

"Iraqi and U.S. forces are making gradual but important
progress almost every day and we will remain steadfast
until our objectives are achieved. And now, please turn
in your hymnbook to page 18, and let us stand and sing,
'Be Not Dismayed Whate'er Betide'."
h In China, they implode buildings the old-fashioned way,
one brick at a time.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Texas radio personality Sam Allred's face was all red
after he referred to Barack Obama as a "clean darky."

In his old age, James Baker always got his index finger
and his middle finger mixed up.
"Hey, I was supposed to at least get a bounce out of this photo op!"
"Hi, Laura! Guess who's coming to dinner."

Scooter Libby Now Says He First Heard of His Conviction
on Four Out of Five Counts from Tim Russert
"What I see in the conviction of Scooter Libby is an affirmation
of Iraq, where things are going pretty well."
George Bush As Right-Wing Superhero, Uncle Slam

President Holding Flask Filled with Tar and Nicotine Trapped by

the Micronite Filter, Made with Asbestos

Even in the letterboxed version, Attorney General 
Alberto Gonzales still lacks depth, appears cropped, 
and seems 45% smaller than life.
When asked what he was doing at the Bunny Bar,
Sean Hannity claimed he was the casting director
 for a new Easter movie.

Monday, March 05, 2007

When you think of Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley and Maj. Gen.
George Weightman, would it be OK not to support
these troops?
“I’m happy to learn that after you hear me, you’re going to
hear from Ann Coulter. That is a good thing. I think it’s
always very important to get the views of moderates,
especially at a conclave of right-wing fruitcakes like CPAC.”

Today's modern 'Pimped Out Throne' features such
amenities as a flat-screen TV, laptop computer, iPod,
speakers, TiVo, Xbox 360, a cycling exercise device and
a refrigerator filled with drinks and snacks. It is truly
fit for a constipated king.
This North Korean officer doesn't believe in the right to privacy.
You have been warned.
The U. S. military's new heat-beaming weapon can
bake a potato over 500 meters away.

Have you seen the new reality show on Fox, Let's Go Potty?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mrs. Ed

University of Phoenix Shocked to Learn Its
 President, William J. Pepincello, Is Wax 
Dummy at Madame Tussauds
Dangerstein, Joe Lieberman's Hitman

No matter how hard they choked him,
the Brazilian soccer player kept singing
'The Sound of Music'.
"Governor Romney, would you say a 'faggot' is (a) a bundle
of sticks, (b) a cigarette, (c) a meatball, (d) a homosexual,
(e) John Edwards, or (f) all of the above?"
Biodiesel-Powered Turban