Saturday, December 27, 2014

Meet New York State Trooper
Rosenblatt.  Just another
arrogant Bullethead.
World's Worst Yoobs #152
Katie Pavlich
The NYPD has become the 
Westboro Baptist Church
of police departments.
As you can tell from this chart, oil barrels have become 
smaller and smaller over the past few months.
"What do you mean 'illegal alien', puny Earthling?"
Allegories for Our Time #29
From the Hayes Mansion, you can see 34 billionaires,
but you cannot see 7,600 homeless people living on 
the streets in San Jose, California.
Wondering how to dispose of your Christmas Tree?
Call Goat Grazers!
Michael Whitington:  Bank Robber and the
Man Who Put the 'Mug' into Mugshot

Friday, December 26, 2014

Alaska, North Dakota, Delaware, and Maine Billionaire
Drought Blamed on Global Warming
David Vitter Stands Up to North Korea

But, who will change the baby's diaper while the
adult family members are at the movie?
When he was called a "flagrantly partisan and majestically
 useless government watchdog," Darrell Issa's anger alarm
went off.
Layton Landis (Age 88) Sez:  “I don’t know, it just comes 
out. You know, ‘cats and dogs and little nigger babies’ is 
about as old as I am.”
[This elected member of the Oro Loma Sanitary
District plans to live to 102 and become, he hopes,
the 'World's Oldest Racist'.]
Augie Doggie was beginning to
have his doubts about Doggie
Critics are saying American Sniper is Clint Eastwood's 
best effort since he lectured an empty chair at the 2012 
Republican National Convention.
Jeb Bush Quits Company That Profited from 
Obamacare; Will He Take the Money and Run?
Barack and Friends Doing Their Impression of

The Queen of England
Any decent Congressman will wear a hazmat suit when 
anywhere in the vicinity of Michael Grimm.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rumor has it that Sony has already started developing
a sequel to The Interview, with Vladimir Putin in the
role of Seth Rogen and Steven Seagal in the role of
James Franco.  The working title is believed to
be The Job Offer, and Kim Jong-un has tentatively
agreed to have a hissy fit and threaten to nuke 
Liechtenstein as part of the film's marketing
and advertising campaign.
Two-Minute Haters #46
Greg Gutfeld
'Twas the Night Before Boxing Day
"Voices shouting in the street, life lived to a ragged beat
Someone's world is tumbling down, and who's the saint 
and where's the clown?
Life's a dance, put on your dancing shoes, take a chance."
Among bareback sheep riders, cussing seems to be
getting more common over time.
Thanks to his dutiful daughter, Fearguth has upgraded
 from The Elf on the Shelf to The Lumberjack on the Shelf.

"I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay.
I sleep all night and I work all day."
Nice alliteration, but he left out
The Unexpurgated Bible #109
"For unto us an economic stimulus is born, 
unto us prosperity is given."
Oxymorons for Our Time #172
Intelligence Oversight Board
Merry McChristmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ghastly Monsters and Blond Giants #177
Mickey Kaus and Robert Stacy McCain
Couch Potato

Coach Potato
How appropriate that Staten Island, New York
 City's Cop Land, is represented by Michael 
Grimm, a defiant felon.
Isn't using Uber a lot like hitchhiking, except the
hitchhiker is more at risk than the driver?
Alex Jones is on the case! Hat/shirt 
combo now on sale at 
for only $24.90!
Joe Arpaio Booted Off Monkey Island
Conspiracy Between Sony and North
Korea to Promote The Interview
Of Mike Lee, it hath been truly said, "He's been a
 tremendous embarrassment to our family, to our 
state, to our country, to have him as a U.S. senator."
Man Suffering from St. Nicholas
Delusion Escapes from

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Men, two drops of this will turn you into

On sale now for only $69.95!
Saying 'ExxonMobil Slammed with $2.3 million Fine 
for Fracking-Related Water Pollution' is like saying 
'Golfer Flicks Honeybee from Golf Ball with Tip of
#2 Golf Pencil'.
Nat King Coal Said to Have Strong Support among
Appalachian Populist Music Lovers
Eric Garner evades pocket change in cigarette taxes.
He's dead.

Michael Grimm pleads guilty to felony payroll tax
evasion.  He's alive---and defiant.
New Study Shows High Heels Really Do Have
Power over Men
'Probe Fails to Link IRS Scandal to White House' is a gift you 
will not find under Darrell Issa's Christmas tree this year.
All this prosperity under the Obama Administration
is really beginning to get Joe Scarborough down.
We now know who really 'occupies'
New York City.
Does Rudy Giuliani know his 'use by' date 
has expired?