Saturday, January 23, 2021

Trump Threatens to Start Jake Leg Stompers,
the New MAGA Party

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #215
Dune:  Rise of the Wormriders

When he heard Trump say, "We'll do 
something, but not just yet," Kibongo
felt ill at ease.

At age 87, Larry King's 8 marriages finally 
caught up with him.

Nude Nabs Cop Car, Says He Thought It Was a UFO

As you might expect, Walter Williams received his
high school diploma, his Master's degree, and his
Ph.D. from public educational institutions.  His
47-year career in higher education was spent
in public universities.  What a tragedy!

Thinking of starting your own revolution?  
Who ya gonna call?  

Are you a double-masker?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 
Gets Shit Done

Warm Scuzzies #1,005
Joe Biggs

It was said of old that Colonel Sanders
had a way with chicks.

Kevin McCarthy Says Even Alfred E. Neuman
Is Culpable and Should Worry

Friday, January 22, 2021

Warm Scuzzies #1,004
Jeffrey Clark

Maybe metabolic rate is ultimately 
a political issue.

The Unbuttoning

Whistleblowers National Monument

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future 
for White Confederates."

The defining element of this new religion is the experience 
of a phenomenon called the Neumanous.

The Triumph of Resist-O-Cat

Oh, goody, now America has two Lost Causes!

If nobody cares about Media Matters BS, why is 
Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeting about it?  And
what are 'Communists bloggers'?  Inquiring minds
want to know.

And the Lord God smote the waters with a
plague of MAGAs like unto naval mines.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Q:  Why is God so angry?
A:  He believes Bernie Sanders is more 
omnipresent than He is.

Bernie Sanders Mano a Mano Rand Paul,
Mitten Man Vs. Incandescent Man

Promiscuous Pastry

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Paranoia)

Bernie Gives Lauren 'Calamity Jane' Boebert the Cold Shoulder

Oval Office Undergoing Detrumpification

Keep Calm and Find Bernie

"President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the 
views of the citizens of Paris, Texas than in the jobs 
of the citizens of Pittsburg, Texas."

Trump Leaves Behind Diminished GOP

Trump delivered his Farewell Address against the 
backdrop of 17 flags.  Q is the 17th letter of the the alphabet.
Exclaimed one QAnon acolyte: "17 flags! Come on now, 
this is getting insane." Indeed, it is.

'Trump' Added to George Carlin's List of 
Words You Can Never Say on Television

In his inaugural address, President Biden targeted racism, 
nativism, political extremism, white supremacy,
 and domestic terrorism. That's when Rand Paul 
started squealing like a stuck pig.

Simone Gold, Hydroxychloroqueen

When a Facepalm Is Simply Not Enough

The Simple, Satisfying Story of the Adorable 
Social Democrat from Vermont

R2D2 Learns You Can't Choose Your Ancestors

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Welcome to Mount Landfill

Majority of One Movement's Show of Force
in Olympia, Washington Today

The only thing worse than being mocked by the 
Proud Boys is to be kicked out of the 
He-Man Woman-Haters Club.

Bullshit Artists Just Want to Have Fun

Village People Rejoice!

Capitol Hill Insurrection Now a Retro Video Game

"So, this is the Pompeo National Monument 
everybody is talking about."

Melania's camouflage dress rendered her almost invisible 
to the untrained eye.

Hippos Believed to Be Getting Closer to Riding Bicycles 
Without Training Wheels

Does anyone know if there are Q Marines, a Q Navy, 
and a Q Air Force?

Steve Bannon had that Plague Chic look 
before COVID-19 made it popular.

Have a Good Life.  We Will See You Soon.