Saturday, January 18, 2020

Parnasman, a Superhero for the
Age of Trumpery
When Lev Parnas Heard He Has Higher Name Recognition
Than Donald Trump
As happened with Simon Peter when asked if he knew 
Jesus, every third time Trump denies he knows Lev Parnas 
a cock crows.
Kids agree: playing Where's Lev Parnas? is more fun than
 playing Where's Waldo?.
A Clockwork Mandarin
Photoshoppers Я Us
Trump's Legal Team for His Impeachment Trial

Friday, January 17, 2020

Trump's Marines
One can only hope that Ken Starr will be as successful 
defending Donald Trump as he was prosecuting Bill Clinton.
Looks like Ken Starr is a perfect fit for
Trump's Impeachment Defense Team.
Trump wanted the 2000-Year-Old-Man to head his
Impeachment Defense Team, but he was unavailable,
so Trump had to settle for Alan Dershowitz, the 
Of all people, one would expect Alan Dershowitz to shun
undercooked pork.
Waiting for the Unpredictable Twist 
at the End of Impeachment
“This is definitely an ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ 
kinda day!” exclaimed Monica Lewinsky.
"If you begin to feel squeamish, just imagine this
 laboratory specimen is Luigi Galvani."
With negative approval ratings ranging from -3% to -13%, 
these six GOP senators may be removed from office
this year, even if Trump isn't.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Warm Scuzzies #904
Whitefield Academy
Help, Help, I'm Trapped in a Bowery Boys Movie!
Sneakin' McSally Through the Alley
Don't kiss one, either.
Lev Parnas Says He’ll Keep Releasing Photos 
of Him with Trump Until Trump Admits He
 Knows Him

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Proof That Trump Has Real Hair
Political Sexology
The Trumpnik Twins:  Robert Hyde and Ed Henry
They Call Him 'The Insufferable Sulker'
Milwaukee Now More Famous Than Ever
Allegories for Our Time #38
Giuliani's Cave
General, All-Purpose, One-Size-Fits-All Campaign Sign
 for the 2020 Elections
Donald Trump and Robert Hyde Stick Two 
Unsolicited Thumbs in America's Anus
Three Sad Meat Sacks

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Warm Scuzzies #903
Robert Hyde
If Trump made you cry in 2016, 
Buttigieg will make you laugh
in 2020.
Trump Provides Photographic Proof
of His Claim That He Deserved the
Nobel Peace Prize, Rather Than
the Ethiopian Prime Minister
One Pill Makes Him Larger,
One Pills Makes Him Small

Monday, January 13, 2020

Nancy Pelosi's Lightsaber Puts Trump's Balls on
High Alert
Since it was 49 degrees with no snow in DC when this tweet was
 posted, it must mean Trump is smoking crack again.