Saturday, December 20, 2008


Even after eight years as President of the United States,
George Bush still hadn't mastered "Here's the Church
and Here's the Steeple."
Nominee to Head Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Confirms He Won UMOC Contest All Four Years in College
Little Boy Wondering Whether He Will Have
a Big Gun When He Grows Up
And you were bitching about the amount of
political advertising in the United States.
Official Portrait Shows President Flipping Two Birds
in One Bush
Central Park, Home of World's Largest Snow Globe
Ohh Nooo!!! Yoko Ono
Abominable No-Man Sends Holiday
Greeting to President Bush
Hot Dog Hot-Dogging
Jethro the Basset Hound was thought to sympathize
with the skeptics of global warming.
Young Acolyte of the Sun Unconcerned
by Rick Warren's Inaugural Invocation

Friday, December 19, 2008

"Tell me again what I'm supposed to do
if they start throwing shoes."
Next year's Sarah Palin calendar features the governor
bagging Sherry Johnston, the mother of the father of her
first grandchild, on six felony drug charges.
Did Fearguth hear someone shout,
"It's time to Santatize your booty!"?
Fearguth Re-Entering the Blogosphere