Saturday, October 10, 2020

Profile in Obesity

Picasso's Femmes à la toilette Gives Facebook 
Nudity Algorithm a Stiffy

The only difference between this wouldbe-kidnapper
of Michigan's governor and Sheriff Dar Leaf
is he wears a badge.

Things to Avoid #41
Russiagate Head Fake

"I've already seen that video.  Do you
have The Court Packer?

Trump Inducted Into American 
Superhero Pantheon

Marc Lotter, Trump Flack, Sez:  "Chris Hayes, your job is to 
report facts – not your opinion. That's my job."

What Remains of Trump After All the 
Conspiracy Theories Are Removed

Mask Up and Vote #47

Friday, October 09, 2020

Master Beater

When he heard Trump say he is 'extremely young', 
the world's oldest man said he can blow smoke up 
America's ass better than Trump.

White House Pet Feeling Poorly

Warm Scuzzies #975
Dar Leaf

Some people are stupid but don't look it.
Mark Meadows looks it.

If the Nobel Peace Prize were awarded for presiding 
over an epidemic which has taken the lives of over
210,000 Americans, Trump would win in a walk.

Mask Up and Vote #46

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Patient Zero

Mr. Miyagi says, "Man who catch fly with chopstick 
accomplish anything."


Facebook censors are the only thing
standing between us and Onion

Remember this guy?  Two years ago, this 
Trumpnik was up to no good.  Now he's
pleading guilty.

Piers Morgan says Pigly is losing Bigly.

"Yes, Philippe, I'm afraid that's the fly 
which landed on Pence's head."

Trumpnik Snatch-and-Grabbers

Trump Describes Himself As a ‘Perfect Physical Specimen’

"After the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that 
the second presidential debate would be virtual, President 
Trump pulled out of the event, calling it a waste of time."

Pence Giving Kamala Harris
the COVID Eye

Mask Up and Vote #45

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, 
must've been nearby.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

The Fly That Took Up Residence on 
Mike Pence's Hair During the Debate

COVID-19 Vector-in-Chief

Allegories for Our Time #39
Republicans Come Out Swinging

"Republicans are growing increasingly 
concerned about poll numbers that show
 a rising Democratic wave."

Susan Collins is accusing her opponent of “defaming 
my reputation and attacking my integrity.”  That's
not possible.  You can't attack what doesn't

Stand Up, Sit Down, Call It a Day

Mask Up and Vote #44

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

When he writes for the Washington Post,
Dr. Strangelove uses 'Hugh Hewitt' as
his nom de plume.

Trump White House Undergoes
Radical Makeover

Stephen Miller testing positive for coronavirus is 
what Hegel called the 'Negation of the Negation'.
"I can't say for sure, Captain, but it would appear that 
Hell has frozen over."
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Thursday, November 23, 2020
Why the Second Coming Has Been Delayed
"What's new, Doctor Fauci?"
It would appear that the coronavirus has taken the whirl
out of Kayleigh McEnany's signature sausage-curl hairdo.
Will the Israelites come to his aid?
Now's the time to visit Nova Scotia.  It's
60° and mostly cloudy right now.
Trump's Obtuseness Is More Infectious
Than COVID-19
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #208
Don't Cry for Me Covita
"There's no way to put a pinpoint on it," 
she said mysteriously.
Shaun Lucas is the kind of cop that gives
law enforcement a bad name.  
Also, Cabelas.
Der Trumpenführer Breathes on White House Balcony