Saturday, November 20, 2021

"Don't make fun of my clothes.  If you do, Susan Collins 
and Lisa Murkowski will call you a 'sexist'."

Name the topic and David Brooks, like a Water Strider,
can skim over it without ever breaking the surface.

Justice Has Been Served

Friday, November 19, 2021

Capitol Hill Insurrectionist John Lolos Sez:
"I see a window, it's broken, people are going inside, 
yeah, I went inside."

Tennessee Tries to Lure Unvaccinated Police Officers

Flag Desecration #130

Trump Completely and Totally Endorses Paul Gosar

Little Known Alternative Fact #10
Aaron Rodgers moonlights as an
Internet meme.

Addressing Donald Trump, Al Watkins, lawyer for the QAnon
 Shaman, said: “You’ve got a few fucking things to do. Including 
clearing this fucking mess up and taking care of a lot of the 
jackasses that you fucked up because of January 6."

GOP Donors ‘Furious’ with Vaginal Dryness

Adam Schiff Sez  “If you took the worst orator 
in the world, gave him the worst speech in the 
world, and made him read it for the longest time 
in the world. That would be a lot like listening to 
Kevin McCarthy tonight.  Except, probably better."

"A new Quinnipiac poll finds 61% of Americans say the 
Supreme Court is mainly motivated by politics, and 
32% say it’s mainly motivated by the law."

Three-Percenter Robert Gieswein Sez:  “It’s not healthy 
to spend every day in here like it’s Groundhog Day, with
 people with the same viewpoint, in the same situation."

Half-Truths + Outright Lies + Aggrieved Arguments + 
Uurelated Tangents + Recycled Rhetoric = Kevin McCarthy

Thursday, November 18, 2021

David Brooks is seeing "the alarming future of the American
 right: the fusing of the culture war and the class war into one
 epic Marxist Götterdämmerung.”

Just hours after he was stripped of his committee assignments, 
Paul Gosar took to GETTR to share a meme boasting that he’d 
gained some 'dung life' cred.

Asked to smile for the camera, Paul Gosar growled,
"I AM smiling!"

Mark Taylor, the 'Firefighter Prophet' and QAnon 
conspiracy theorist, is complaining that he is being 
'blacklisted' by 'the church cabal' and accuses prominent 
activists in the charismatic prophetic community of 
'operating in witchcraft', just like Adolf Hitler.

Existentialists Take to the Streets

MAGA Saint Alert!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Is Lena Ruseva, the artist, portraying a 2022 threat
or a 2024 promise? 

Yes, Steve Bannon is in deep doo=doo,
but he blends right in.

Be honest.  If you were in an Alabama prison, you would
try to escape, too.

Last November, 81,282,903 American 
janitors swept Donald 'Pig-Pen' Trump
 out of office.

Trump Sez:  “We know what happened. 
They basically used COVID-19 or the 
China virus to rig the election, and 
it’s a shame.”

The Bishop Drops Effort to Ban Communion for Politicians

The QAnon Shaman learns the Capitol Hill
Insurrection is not a rock-and-roll band.

"While you're up, dear, would you mind grabbing me 
a handful of those non-fungible tokens?"

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Judges Unanimously Rate Ben Shapiro's Tomahawk Chop
the Worst in America

Warm Scuzzies #1,099
John Bizon

Warm Scuzzies #1,098
Gary Palmer

Monday, November 15, 2021

They Were Made for Each Other

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Steve Bannon, Mister Fister

Why Chris Christie's Wife Pays $29 for Toilet Paper

What the ‘Halloween’ Movies Mean

Can Reaganism Rise Again?

In Virginia, school board meetings ain't like they used to be.

With the headline, 'Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress',
displayed on the screen behind him, Steve Bannon hunkered
down in the War Room.

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!

Jenna Ellis Wrote Memo Outlining Plan for How 
Pence Could Overturn Election

An Unusual Coalition Forms to Oust 
Senator Mike Lee

Republicans Would Prefer Life in the 1950s