Saturday, September 08, 2018

Will the opioid epidemic hurt 
those in chronic pain?
It's just an urban legend that Elon Musk
invented the Self-Dressing Hot Dog.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Zina Bash Flashes the Sign of the Three-Eared Sphincter
at Kavanaugh Hearing
Snot a Problem?
This looks like a job for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III!
But it's 100% Nike-free!
Ted Cruz Sez: “The whole state of Texas could
 flip blue, like that.  Take my suit, for instance.”
Trump Identifies 'Enomynous' as Author of 
New York Times Op-Ed
Fear and Loathing in Billings, Montana
Warm Scuzzies #827
College of the Ozarks

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Attention All MAGA Hat Owners!
De-Loused in the Vomitorium
Trumpnik Mantra
Kavanaugh Konfidential
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean White House 
officials aren't out to get you.
In Case You've Been Wondering Why Trumpniks
Are Burning Their Ford F-150s
Kim Jong-un's Military Parade Features New Arsenal of 
'Big Hard-On' ICBMs
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #745
Gina Loudon
Is it only a coincidence that Trump was born the same 
year the UFO crashed near Roswell?
"What is hip?
Tell me, tell me if you think you know."
Revealed: The Clown Behind the Lens

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Commander Bonespur Decries Anonymous Times Op-Ed 
as 'Gutless'
Trump Blames Sessions for Charges Against 'Very 
Popular Republican Congressman' Duncan Hunter
Dog Saves Nike from Burning
Does it take 43 muscles or 62 muscles to frown?  
Ask Elon Musk. He knows everything.
Entire United States Now Suffering from
Mercury Poisoning
If you don't mind, don't call Ivanka Trump a 'fucking
staffer', as Steve Bannon has.  Instead, call her the
'First Daughter', as she herself has.
Can you tell the difference between
Michael McGregor, the White Supremacist,
and Scott Greer, the Daily Caller editor?
Adventures in Aestheticism #90
Baron Vladimir Trumpsky Sez:  "He who controls Crazytown, 
controls the Universe."
Ajitated Pai

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The announcement that Jon Kyl has been chosen to
serve in place of John McCain in the U. S. Senate
was #Not Intended To Be a Factual Statement.
Brett Kavanaugh Snubs Father of Victim of Parkland,
Florida High School Shooting
Adventures in Aestheticism #89
John Dowd Sez:  "I told you Trump was an idiot. 
I told you he was a goddamn dumbbell. What are
 we dealing with this idiot for?”
Snake in the Grassley
Trump Watches Nike's Kaepernick Ad,
Head Explodes
"What's up with this guy?"
"He's a Trumpnik who forgot to take off
 his Nikes before he set them on fire."
Spending Plenty Money on Cruz Like Putting Lipstick
 on Pig
Trump Has Damascus Road Conversion Experience, 
Turns into Billy James Hargis

Monday, September 03, 2018

Priebus's Last Laugh
Trump Answers Cruz's Call to Campaign for Him
in Texas Against Beto
Classic Beauregard Bop Bag for 
Age 3 and Up
Hello, All You Happy People
Following Paul Manafort's daughter's example, the Trump
 brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, have decided to change their
 names to Hank and Dean Venture.
Gurbaksh Chahal, the Indian Brad Pitt, Draws Go to
Jail Card, Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200
Adventures in Aestheticism #88
Jeffrey Toobin Sez:  "Trump is said to have raged, 
‘Where’s my Roy Cohn?’ In Rudy Giuliani, 
the President has found him.”

Sunday, September 02, 2018

"Love Vaunteth Not Itself, Is Not Puffed Up"
Leonardo da Panda