Saturday, August 09, 2008

You look like a Bildungblog reader who has yet to
taste Glow-in-the-Dark Sunny D. Go ahead, have
a sip. All you have to lose is your place in time.
"You wanna know Victoria's secret? Well, she's just
a dumb blonde God created to fuck my brains out.
And she's pretty much succeeded I'm happy to say."
Megapreacher's Wife Pleads Guilty to Loving
People, Looking Through a Glass Darkly
"Hey, guys, this is beginning to look a whole lot like The Good War
fought by The Greatest Generation. If we're lucky, we might
even land a part in the sequel to Saving Private Ryan."
President Bush Giving Callipygian Advice
to the Women's Beach Volleyball Team
McCain Supporter Deflates Tires to Spite Obama
"Listen, pal, and listen good: the last wiseguy who gave
me the finger is now taking a dirt nap. Capiche?"
Mini-Me on McCain's VP Short-List
Now that John Edwards has come clean,
when will John McCain?
Coca leaves at the ready, Hilaria Supa was all set to legislate.
Edwards Says Purpose of Extramarital Affair Was
to Refute Ann Coulter's Claim He's a Faggot
World's Worst Yobs #43
David Gregory
Things Older Than John McCain #6
Chachapoyas Mummy
"Did somebody say, 'National Enquirer'?"
Palestinian Synchronized Hurling Team Triumphs in Beijing

Friday, August 08, 2008

Definitely Not a Lincoln, Hardly a Ford, More Like a Yugo
McCain Condemns Russian Invasion of
His Chief Foreign Policy Adviser
John Edwards' prayer was answered, but
not in the way he had hoped.
Things Older Than John McCain #5
Neolithic Lovers
"She'll fly her astral plane,
Takes you trips around the WSJ,
Brings you back the same day,
Peggy Noonan. Peggy Noonan."
Soon, the Chinese will have their very own Ann Coulter androgynoid.
When Muffler Man Was a Neonate
Johnny Damon Exercises Nuclear Option,
Blows Fans Away
Parental Advisory #3
Explicit Non Causa Pro Causa
"The Chinese government understands I was just
bullshitting about its human rights abuses."
Wearing their Republican Platform Shoes,
the Blogettes for McCain were ready to party.
The day Ehud Olmert discovered how the Israeli
corruption investigators had cooked his goose.
Michelin Malkin reminds you that so much is riding on your tires.
American Empire #35

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The old man had been told, "Put this in your pipe
and smoke it." So he did.

U.S. Military Holds Iraqi Prisoners in
Environmentally-Sensitive 'Segregation Boxes'
"I saw the shirt just a minute ago, honey. They made
it with you in mind. It was gray as I recall."
Miami Suffers Collateral Damage from

Lieberman-Guided Straight Talk Express

Allyson Felix Demonstrating the Proper Technique
When Simon Says to Take One Giant Step
John McCain's New Blue Surge Suit
Flower Power, Tough-Love Style
"Hi-Yo Silverback!"
After the polar ice cap melted, Santa Claus became the
best-known homeless person on the streets of London.

American Empire #34
Global Force Repositioning

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The funny spherical thing on top of the tire gauge is
hollow and is commonly called McCain's Occiput.
Bin Laden's Chauffeur Given 5.5-Year Sentence for
Driving Limo with Underinflated Tires
Backstage, Hillary and Laura continued their discussion of
women's issues as Cindy wrapped up her lap dances at
the Buffalo Chip.
"So that's where all the ExxonMobil profits go!"
Inside the Foofy Batcave
President McCain's Western White House
Things Older Than John McCain #4
Pope Benedict XVI

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cindy McCain Gets Her Motor Running,
Wins Buffalo Chippie Prize for 2008
"Woodpeckers tighten their nictitating membranes a millisecond
prior to their beaks impacting the trunk of a tree in order to
prevent their eyes from leaving their sockets. That sounds pretty 
wise. As for me, well, I tighten mine so that I can catch a few 
z's after working the graveyard shift."
"Yes, my parents were convinced to marry each other so
that they could produce a dominant athlete with more
sponsorship deals per linear foot than anyone before
in the history of sport."