Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fearguth will be camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain
National Park for the next seven days. He will be back
online July 25.
After failing to jerk over 200 lbs., was it the weightlifter's fault
that she bore a striking resemblance to Michelle Malkin?
Major Dutch Schaeffer had whipped the Predator,
but all he could do to fight wildfires was glower.
"I warned my German correspondent that if he
continued to run wild, he was going to end up
as a pulled pork sandwich in the hands of George
Bush. But did he listen to me? No sir!"
Sure, the city lay in ruins. But the watermelons
were unscathed and it was time to party.
Still Life with Shortstop and Bobbled Ball
Bush to World: "Sit on This and Spin!"
The brave firefighter was doing his best to douse
the fires of Armageddon.
After firing the artillery rounds, the soldiers
took a short break for prayers.
The little French girl couldn't understand
why she had to get on the big boat and leave
her friends in Beirut.
Caught in a sudden rainshower, Prime Minister
Koizumi feared that his Elvis hairdo was going
to be ruined.

Babe now realized it was a bad idea to visit Cousin Fangdong
in the middle of a tropical storm.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Though the condition is extremely rare, some lobsters
do suffer from split personality.
Find the poor man in this G8 Family Reunion photo.
"What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop
doing this shit, and it's over," President Bush said with his
mouth full of roast wild pig as he buttered a piece of bread.
"And lose the pink tie, Tony. It makes you look like a sissy."
Like his US counterpart, Ehud Olmert has no
combat experience. How easy it is for these war
virgins to pull the military trigger.
Vladimir Putin was amused when Angela Merkel
insisted it was raining indoors.
Jacques Chirac tells Vladimir Putin
how the cow ate the cabbage.
Michael Schumacher was so thrilled at winning
the French Grand Prix that he didn't even notice
his legs were missing.
Senior Citizens Keith Richards and Ron Wood
Performing at 'Bigger Bang Theory of the Universe' Benefit
Activist, suspected of being rabid, is rounded up
and held for observation.
Stunt Doubles for G8 Summiteers Spotted
in St. Petersburg

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bildungblog Exclusive!
This is the outfit President Bush plans
to wear for landing on the USS Abraham
Lincoln next May when he celebrates the
fourth anniversary of 'Mission Accomplished'.
You wanna know why the whole world is going to pot?
That's right, it's marijuana!
"If one more voter tells me I'm chopped liver,
I'm gonna flatten his schnozzola!"
Satan's diabolical scheme to have the
Abrahamic religions destroy each other
finally seems to be succeeding.
Horse Questions the Sense of Two Brits Who
Plan to Travel 12,000 Miles in a Tuk-Tuk
If the Bush Doctrine Were a Helicopter
Not only had the piccolo player left his uniform at home,
but he had forgotten where his place was in the formation.
"God, you're cute!"
G8 Summiteers Decide to Resolve International Disagreements
By Means of Golf Cart Racing
Anti-Government Protester Fined for Wearing
Faulty Mask
Kim Clijsters First Serve in the Clyster Competition
Escapee from Chick-fil-A® Billboard Exhorts
Tour de France Riders to 'Eat More Chikin
If Croatia attacks Spain from the rear,
will Greece help?
The Middle East As Seen From Space
Operating a 155 mm mobile artillery piece is
exhausting labor, so a soldier has to grab a few
winks when and where he can.