Saturday, May 21, 2016

Warm Scuzzies #590
Thomas Clare
Now That's Entertainment!
Fearguth's Hall of Wackos #659
Anne Graham Lotz
Foster Friess says he’s decided to support Donald Trump 
because he doesn’t believe people should be judged 
based on their past, or even present, behavior. Rather, 
they should be judged based on the future outcome of 
dropping thousands of gold coins into a Wishing Well.
James O'Keefe's suit is unique: it's emptier when he puts it
 on than when he takes it off.
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #135
Tarantulas on a Plane
Bad Spellers of the World, UNTIE! #175
"What's it like to go viral, Jack?"
Until you plowed through all 384 pages of this tome, 
you never knew how many there were.
The United States has the highest incarceration
rate in the world.  But that's not high enough
for the Senator from The Natural State.
Among his many endearing personality
traits, Donald Trump is a Cereal Liar.

Friday, May 20, 2016

World's Worst Yobs #359
Christian Toto
E. T. had tried to self-deport, but not quite fast enough.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sign of the Times #67
In the year that politics was OUT and infotainment
 was IN, the national debate centered on who had
the biggest Twitter.
Bob Owens, Counterfeit Yankee
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You #134
Terminator 6: Media Day
Remember Napoleon in Orwell's Animal Farm?  
Well, he's back.
And the tablets are made of Trumpstone for easy erasing
and re-carving.
The Philippines has elected Rodrigo 'The Punisher' Duterte. 
Will America follow suit?
Mainstream Media Gone Wilde

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yes, alas, there are probably more dumb Ed Rendells in 
America than smart ones.
A Poxalypse on All Their Houses!
"Isn't that Bedlam?"
"Yes, that's where the lunatics who draw up the 
Texas Republican Party Platform live."
It's not surprising George Zimmerman has insulted
Trayvon Martin's parents.  He insults the entire human
race by simply existing.
World's Worst Yobs #358
Hans Fiene
To become a leader in Trump's GOP you must first
learn to grovel.
Alex Jones Shortly Before He
Gave Birth to His 'Michelle
Obama Is a Trannie Who
Murdered Joan Rivers'
Conspiracy Theory

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Arkansas Drone Just Moments Before Takeoff
"The Transgenders are coming!  
The Transgenders are coming!"
Last Seen on Extreme Car Hoarders
Maenad's at Play on the South Lawn of the 
Pajama Boy White House
M. C. Escher's Swamp Things
Remember: every time you laugh at the CIA, it will
'accidentally' destroy the 6,700 page torture report
Sheldon Adelson Goes Rouge

Monday, May 16, 2016

Carlos Beruff, a Donald Trump-George Zimmerman
Kinda Guy
UFC Baseball!
Voting for Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is like fighting
 terrorists with your bare hands or binge eating a loaf 
of Aged Cheddar from Widmer's Cheese Cellars.
It's generally recognized today that Donald Trump's greatest
achievement in sock puppetry was the Katrina Pierson Twins.
Little Known Fact #62
Gollum is a multi-billionaire who made his fortune
in casinos.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Bigots, Little Bigots #82
Gill Parker Payne
The Pat McCrory Memorial Comfort Station
Temple Taggart (Miss Utah, 1997)  Sez:  "He kissed me
 directly on the lips. I thought, 'Oh my God, gross.' "
If viral videos of police brutality lead to more crime, 
then pictures of FBI Director James Comey lead to 
projectile verping.